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March 5, 2009

It has been an auspicious week after the found wallet was returned to it’s rightful owner (see previous post).

Saturday – got an e mail saying that we have been shortlisted for another development scheme run by UK Film Council/Tribeca Film Festival. They only take two prod/dir teams a year. We do the conference call today. Let’s hope we get through but to be shortlisted alone is pretty good news. If we get it – we go to LA in April to pitch the film to more than 20 ‘execs’. Cool.

Monday – can’t pay any any bills – various production companies owe us and are not paying and very overdue – we worry all day

Tuesday – get a call from a company did work for last year – they were calling to apologise that they have sent last 4 payments to wrong sort code – they owe us £2500.00 !!! We are now no longer panic-stricken and can pay bills.

Weds – my lovely friend Anna gives me a brand new (and much needed) mattress to say thank you for me helping her move house and doing DIY. I didn’t expect a present – I did it because she is a single mum and my friend!

Today – come back from dropping the feisty small ginger squidget off at school and notice that there is a wine box on the doorstep. Two incredibly sumptious bottles of wine and a card saying: Dear Rockmother, thank you for being such a good samaritan. It genuinely made my bottom lip tremble and I got a little teary as I really didn’t expect a present or to be called a good samaritan. Sniff sniff. Just off to blow my nose and wonder over the joy of good deeds.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    0h Sweetheart. . .You are a thoughtful, caring, loving, naturally giving person. You obviously brings out the best in those you touch. . .enjoy being spoilt.<br/><br/>Gods blessings angel, upon all the other areas in your life that causes concern. . . X x x<br/><br/>chazza. . . .

  2. Piley permalink

    "Dear Rockmother" – sh!t, that is your actual name??!!! Did you introduce yourself to wallet man as R. Mother??!! ;-)<br/><br/>P

  3. ivan007 permalink

    Lovely to hear it all.<br/>I need some of that.<br/>Karmapapa

  4. rockmother permalink

    Chazza – cheers me dear – you are very kind x<br/><br/>Piley – well no, he wrote Dear XXXXXX (my real name) but I do get mail addressed to Rockmother which always raises an eyebrow from Steve our postman.<br/><br/>Mr 007 – I am thinking hard and sending some to you x

  5. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: youre welcome sweetheart. . .<br/><br/>0h big hugs and x x x’s. Isti is happy as a piggy in mud. Since he got in with his ‘hungarian Salami’ under his arm. .(Deli you recommended). 0h and 0ur Benj who only eats this Salami<br/><br/>keep these two quiet, stuffed and oink oink. . Lol ??;-)?? x x x

  6. Arabella permalink

    WHEN you get it and travel to LA, try to arrange a pit stop in Austin. Bring your shiny T shirts!

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    Sorry I missed this and the last post.<br/>I don’t know how I miss your posts I check often enough and then somehow a day or two drifts by and boom (O! wrong word) bang you’ve gone and done it.<br/>Nice work anyway.<br/>I love the hit of returning something lost. There’s a healing in it.

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