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Kaja Whaaaaat?!

May 25, 2009

Oh dear – I have been so busy being busy and saving my backside from freelance penury that I clean forgot to celebrate my blog’s 5th birthday. How about a cake to celebrate? I think I’ll have this one:


Goodness – what was the baker thinking of? Anyway what I want to know is why are Kajagoogoo are getting back together? Obvious – money. But, and there is a big but WHO would want to go and see them – especially as they now look like this:


I had no idea Grayson Perry was part of the reunion line-up did you? On the subject of reunions – The Specials performed a few blinder gigs earlier this month – I recommend you cast your eye over a great review here at my mate Ister’s if you want to feel like you were there as well as read some fine commentary on the very subject of 80’s band reunions. Some people unfairly referred to this year’s Specials reunion as ‘chicken in a basket’. What with Kajagoogoo and the like of The Nolan Sisters dusting down their burnt orange polyester cameltoe outfits I find the prospect of them returning more Iceland 100 Vol-au-Vent platters for a £1 if you ask me.


I’m not too shy shy hush hush are you are – I’m off to the Kaja Forum to chat to some real fans and find out just who on earth is going to buy tickets to see them this time around. I might just browse the Kaja Shop too for some fake plaits and white espadrilles while I am at it. I hear they are big in Germany. So is David Hasselhof. Enough said.


Oh no you don’t ladies! Keep back!

Spring roll platter anyone?

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  1. Gerry permalink

    Did they always capitalise the Goos?

  2. rockmother permalink

    Gerry – I have no idea – what does it all mean? I think they are just showing off. <br/><br/>PS: did you get the scripty linkthing I sent you last week by the way?

  3. Momentary Madness permalink

    Ah, but are they big in Japan? (they are) <br/>God, Germany. I lived in Berlin for 2 years, and couldn???t wait to get out of it, but if you???re making a few bob I suppose, but it would want to be a good few to hang around Germany for any length of time.<br/>"I’m In The Mood For Dancing" (Jesus wept) but, the one thing you can say is it promotes women: ???it???s never too late??? to boogie, and be sexy (everyone to threi own of course) Anyway! (but I know what you mean Mum)<br/><br/><br/>???Chicken in the basket??? what???s that? (I can guess) I???d love to see the specials.<br/><br/>KajaGooGoo, no doubt graced the 80???s MTV (presented by Vincent Hanley RIP) but I vaguely remember ???.<br/>(just googled) yes, Shy, I remember it, and it was typical of the pop shite of that time, but if you were young and in love, and innocent who knows.<br/>They don???t look as bad when I look in the mirror, as you know I???m working hard on the extreme make-over. (but/again I know what you mean Mum)<br/>;-) 😉 ;-)<br/>PS: That lucky couple in New Zealand – 10 million New Zealand dollars lodged to their account.<br/>They have a seven year old daughter with them. (I feel for her, and because of her) I hope to god they get away and have a good life, but, yes, but, say no more.

  4. Simon permalink

    Pigtails and stubble are two things that should never go together. Apart from, perhaps, a television play by Dennis Potter.

  5. Betty permalink

    Happy birthday from a fellow fifth birthday-ee.<br/><br/>I don’t know which is more disturbing – the birthday cake or the way that Nick Beggs looks now. He was on breakfast TV the other day talking about the fact that he does the school run. Does he dress like that when he picks his kids up from school? Think of the bullying – they’ll bear the psychological scars forever.

  6. Planet Mondo permalink

    I didn’t think Beggs’s hair, could get any worse than those plats and bits – but he’s outdone himself..<br/><br/>Is’t that Jean Paul Gaultier stage left and a Bay City Roller stage right<br/><br/>Happy 5th blog-birthday and here’s to the 6th

  7. Annie permalink

    Yay!!! Happy 5th Birthday RoMo!<br/>Doesn’t time fly?<br/><br/>Kajagoogoo was the first band I ever saw live (my mum came with us, bless her heart) but even I shall not be going to the reunion tour. The Nolans are even scarier than that cake.

  8. Geoff permalink

    I wonder if Limahl is still in touch with Paul Gambacinni?<br/><br/>Happy birthday, Mother Of Rock.

  9. savannah permalink

    happy blog-o-versary, sugar! you are the absolute rockin mum <i>evah</i>, darlin! xoxoxox

  10. Perhaps <a href=’′ rel=’nofollow’>this</a> will help.

  11. Arabella permalink

    I love how the cut-back peep-toe shoes complement and indeed enhance the camel-toe crotch yellowness. It’s the kind of visual detail I expect here and I’m never disappointed.<br/>Happy Birthday RoMo!

  12. tony permalink

    Happy Birthday mum.

  13. MsMarmitelover permalink

    Love those pix. Very funny!

  14. Momentary Madness permalink

    Sorry the one thing I left out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mum.

  15. Istvanski permalink

    Happy 5th, Roster. Here’s to another 5.<br/>Limahl looks good in the pic. Has he had ‘work done’?<br/>Nolan cameltoe? At their age!?<br/>Bluergh!<br/>Best eat the rest of that cake before Bad Manners reform for a summer season at Butlin’s.

  16. chazza permalink

    Ha hun. . .’Take That’, ‘Spice Girls’ even ‘Micheal Jackson. . .’I feel is to blame for the ‘if they can do and made it (for now) why cant I. <br/><br/>Read and heard about ‘Katja. . ‘ getting back but the. . . THE NOLANS!! THE NOLANS. . .THE NOLANS. . Pls someone throw bucket of cold water on me.<br/><br/>HAPPY BIRTHDAY. . To yea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. . To yea. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y. . .lots of luv and xxx

  17. chazza permalink

    P.s..Naughty. . Naughty Istvanski em’ caught. . .now we know you were not lookin’ at your Aunty Nolans faces. . Lmfo eerroowww!! <br/>??:-p xx

  18. rockmother permalink

    Momo – one hopes they aren’t big anywhere really as they are so shite! DO you think the NZ runaways lotto runaways would lend me a score?<br/><br/>Simon – ah my first twitter guest – welcome to Romo Towers. I agree with you.<br/><br/>Betty – jeesarse – call the style and child protection police!<br/><br/>Mr Mondo Bongo – cheers me dear – Beggsy’s looking well rough isn’t he?<br/><br/>Annie – thank you – I can not believe you admitted to that Mrs! Yes – the Nolans are weirdo’s xx.<br/><br/>Geoffster – no but prob still in touch with Jonathan King! <br/><br/>Savmarshmamamama – really? oh thank you dearest mama XX<br/><br/>Dickley – cheers Dickley x<br/><br/>Arabellakins – we aim to please and glad you enjoyed the eclectic mix of cameltoe and canary yellow polyester jumpsuit!<br/><br/>Tony – ah gracias Mr T x<br/><br/>Ms Marmite Lover – thanks – glad they made you laugh<br/><br/>Istvanski – cheers me dear. I know – all these terrible ‘reunions’ – I wonder who is next? Haircut 100? Nooooo!<br/><br/>Chazza – thanks love – oh you love The Nolans I know you do really! xx

  19. savannah permalink

    hey, hunniebunnie! noticed over at ister’s y’all were talkin about your blogroll not working. don’t know if y’all have tried it, but the one that is listed on the customize your layout on blogger works fine for me. lists the blog with a brief when it’s updated. (note to self, don’t try to explain anything after drinking)<br/>xoox

  20. Piley permalink

    I don’t like clowns at the best of times… but a clown whos been shot in both feet, and is laing on the floor bleeding to death??? I don’t find that funny….<br/><br/>;-)<br/><br/>Happy birthday!<br/><br/>P

  21. rockmother permalink

    Savviemama – thanks – will have a look<br/><br/>Pilester – and one that has been shot and has the audacity to bleed over a cake – I ask you! x

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