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Tra La La

August 18, 2009

Behold the hysterical woman. I thought I better revive my ailing blawg before you all desert me? Don’t be shy.

I’ve been reading things a bit wrong lately which makes life far more interesting than normal. This morning I could have sworn I read a headline proclaiming: Amy Establishes Rehabilitation Unit which sent me off into a reverie of ‘Oh how nice, Amy Winehouse is sooo much better she has founded a rehab centre called Blakes (probably). But no, on third look it was aaarmy. Derr. Oh well. It’s the school holidays. Can you tell?


I was looking in google pictures for ‘jelly brain’ but all that came up was this. I am afraid he is so good I couldn’t leave him out could I ?

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  1. savannah permalink

    well, ok, sugar…*snickering* i am glad y’all decided to blog again! i forget about twitter & FB *sigh* xoxox

  2. Planet Mondo permalink

    What a comeback – who’s that in the pic then friend of yours? Is he house trained?

  3. rockmother permalink

    Savmarshmama – been busy and recovering from too much work/sick parent/sick child – all better now xx<br/><br/><br/>Mr Mondo Bongo – whythankyau! That’s Mr Fluffy – he is learning to use the litter tray but unfortunately got stuck in the cat flap last week 🙂

  4. Betty permalink

    I’m always reading things the wrong way too, but I tend to replace innocent words with rude or swear words. By the time I’m in residential care I’ll probably be shouting "ARSEHOLES" and "SCROTE" at hapless pensioners.<br/><br/>Amy Winehouse should found a rehab centre called Blaaaaaaake’s Heaven. Ho ho.

  5. Billy permalink

    Yes, welcome back!

  6. Pearl permalink

    Welcome back! As for the pic, one wonders about the plastic collar — perhaps to keep him from scratching/gnawing at something…<br/><br/>Pearl

  7. Piley permalink

    hello again! Good to have you back… and Mr Fluffy of course. Was this pic before or after the ‘op’??<br/><br/>P

  8. cyrano permalink


  9. I keep checking in rockmum. I knew it would pay off. Any news of Amy is always welcome. I worry about that girl.

  10. Momentary Madness permalink

    what’s up?

  11. rockmother permalink

    Sorry all – been camping. Just about recovered. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments. I left Mr Fluffy in a layby on the A30 tucking into his 6th bacon sandwich of the day. Last seen woof woofing around Stonehenge area.

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