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Rat Scabies Grailhunter!

January 16, 2010

Yes – we’ve been a bit busy over the last few months over here at Romo Towers digging the wondrous Mr Rat Scabies out of his West London habitat and sending him off on a mission which so far has taken him from Folkestone to France and back. The culmination of which is this three minute teaser film for what hopefully will eventually become a series. So without further ado I give you…Rat Scabies Grailhunter!

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  1. Fluffy Pink Duck permalink

    Watching it again still think it’s great. Rat is an engaging and charming presenter. And it looks like he’s ploughing a furrow between the serious, believing tones of something might see on the discovery channel and being too knowing and mocking the true believers.<br/><br/>I’d definitely watch it.

  2. Bock the Robber permalink

    Jesus, thoughts of Mr Scabies hadn’t entered my mind in years. I saw him playing in the Marquee once. These days he looks like a presenter on the Antiques Roadshow, but that clip has a charm about it. You have to love the two chancers down in the hole.<br/><br/>How’s Richard Hell getting on these days?

  3. rockmother permalink

    Fluffy Pink Ducky – Oh thank you very much. Yes – it’s kind of aimed at people who find Timeteam boring and want to be entertained rather than have dust from old books blown in their faces!<br/><br/>HRH Bockster – Scabies and Captain Sensible were my heroes growing up (apart from Bowie and oh lots of other people come to think of it!). <br/>’Chancers’ is a good word to describe the tunnel antics…..glad you found the charm in it. Re: Hell – I heard Mike Watt (on bass Minutemen and Stooges etc) interviewing a slightly difficult Hell on his fantastic Watt From Pedro Show podcast a while back – link here:<br/><br/>Cheers for popping by.

  4. Mondo permalink

    I am buzzed up for this one – what an absolute winner. The book was great, the film looks even better Rat’s a natural..

  5. rockmother permalink

    Mr Mondo Bongo – Oh thank you – spread the word – I need to get it commissioned now after funding it all so far myself. Have made a facebook page for it too. Clickety click! xx

  6. Robert Swipe permalink

    I was recommended reading "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" by Sir Harrison Birtwistle (it was him doingnthe recommending – he didn’t write it, obviously) while we were holidaying in the Dordogne in the early 1980s. This was before the knighthood, of course. He’s *right* up himself now and wouldn’t give a worthless trollop like me the time of day, let alone an introduction into the murky world of the Knights Templar and grail mythology. (Although, if I’m honest, I can take or leave the "Jesus is alive and well and living in Hemel Hempstead" line of argument that Harry (we called him Harry back then, before the gongs and the bowing and scraping and everything) was continually propounding at the breakfast table. <br/><br/>"Music is like knitting!" He’d say – apropos of nothing – and then make a variety of parping noises that he’d hastily transcribe on the kitchen table. (You think his music’s weird? – it was no picnic having a converstion with him either, I can tell you…) Then he’d waltz off with the table under his arm, put on his dressing gown and sit at the piano for the rest of the day playing ‘Fleur de Lys’, occasionally twirling a vintage football rattle and yelling "Stan-ley!" at the top of his voice. (He’s from Accrington, you see….)<br/><br/>They *give* knighthoods away nowadays, don’t they??<br/><br/>Anyroad – good luck with the film and give my fond regards to Mr. Scabies.<br/><br/>L.U.V. on ya,<br/><br/>Bob

  7. Istvanski permalink

    If this doesn’t get commisioned I’ll throw the telly out of the window (that’s if someone were to give me a hand with the bulky thing).<br/>All the best with it!

  8. expat@large permalink

    Definitely should be on the box. It’s hilarious yet serious.

  9. expat@large permalink

    Istvan: you should get an LCD TV, they’re really light, great for defenestration.

  10. Momentary Madness permalink

    He looked beneath his shirt today<br/>There was a wound in his flesh so deep and wide<br/>From the wound a lovely flower grew<br/>From somewhere deep inside

  11. theundergroundrestaurant permalink

    Great stuff! x

  12. rockmother permalink

    Bobster Sir – Ah thank you pet! Actually we have knitted a Holy grail and hidden it but I can’t remember where we buried it now….<br/><br/>HRH Isterness – Ha! You lug the telly out the window and I’ll eat my hat. Thank you for kind words x<br/><br/>Mr Expat – Ooh thank you for dropping by and thank you for getting it – that is exactly what it is – hopefully funny but with a bit of serious undertone but not enough to be boring! (Hopefully).<br/><br/>Momo Darling – ah thank you x<br/><br/>The Underground Restaurant – Cheeers. Yours next !! xx

  13. Lily permalink

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  14. Ladyhihi permalink

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