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Resisting The Urge

May 2, 2010

I am off to see Iggy & The Stooges perform the whole of Raw Power as per the original 1973 line-up tonight. It will be strange not seeing Ron Asheton up there in his army jacket with his trademark stance of standing virtually still, dancing his elegant hands over the guitar strings and making an amazing sound like a cheesegrater being rubbed over the frets.

Even better the gig is at smelly old Hammersmith Apollo (nee Odeon) which has a bar that looks like it should be inhabited by extra’s from Star Wars. I am so looking forward to this gig. But I am also trying very hard to resist the urge to dress like this:


or this:


I will probably end up going in something like this:


No not really!


Nice jacket.

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  1. Geoff permalink

    The re-master is very LOUD.<br/><br/>Have a great time, Romo.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Geoffster – Thank you and yes – I will be communicating in sign language from midnight tonight.

  3. Arabella permalink

    Why resist?<br/>Tell us all about it!

  4. theundergroundrestaurant permalink

    I saw Blondie perform at the Hammersmith Odeon….I was in full punk regalia…

  5. Piley permalink

    hope the urge got the better of you, and hope it was the Debs Harry look… very dapper.<br/><br/>I hear the gig was a cracker, what were Suicide like as support?<br/><br/>P

  6. Piley permalink

    ps – look forward to see ing the pics of your sailor outfit in the next post…

  7. Istvanski permalink

    According to recent headlines, it’s Iggy that needs fashion advice.<br/>He’ll catch a chill in this weather undressed like that.

  8. chazza permalink

    Hi rr hun. . . Read the review today, (should I say saw too the View of Iggys cleavage butt. . .photo) Lol . Then again great ass for a guy of his age. . .puts shame to guys half his age.<br/><br/>Seriously. . Sounds like went really well, no doubt better there for the real experience .<br/><br/>The one thing I will always remember him for. . .was, there was a music programme he appeared (i was real young at the time) he wore these see through trousers with no underwear. Left nothing to the imagination.<br/><br/>I never saw my Mum jump up out of her seat so fast to switch channels. . .without a word. We darnt say a word either.<br/><br/>My Dad bless him. . ‘I was listening to that. . ‘. . . .lmfo xx

  9. Tim Footman permalink

    Mahogany Rush, eh? They were shite.

  10. Alan permalink

    You’d look beautiful in anything Mum;-)

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