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All Things Can But Not Neccesarily Should

July 14, 2010

Never before has food been quite so contentious and disgusting.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you – The Lasagnwich! The Lasagnwhat? You heard!


Suddenly there is temptation to start speaking like Peter Kay and walking around shouting and pointing in mock disbelief:


“Lasagne! In a sandwich?”

“A sandwich ? With lasagne in it”?

Yes – with a mighty dollop of mayonnaise slathered in between both sides presumably to help the starch slip down with yet more fatty imbued starch I guess. It could be worse – it could be deep-fried? Or god forbid in a tin like this poor unfortunate and rather flaccid looking whole albino chicken covered in what looks like obstetric scan gel?


I dread to think what else comes from Sweet Sue’s Kitchen – but perhaps I’ll save that for another post. In my forays I did come across a whole tinned cheddar which when grated looked like maggots on a platter. Apparently it goes down a storm in Australia due to the lack of fridges. Again, mind boggles.

Anyway, back to sandwich’s. Imagine if you could get a sandwich in a can? Pardon the pun but you can! Well you were going to before the inventor took the $153 million investment money and spent it all on real estate, fast cars and horses for himself.


Actually I think he has done the world a favour – these won’t be seeing the light of day now until the fraud case has been decided. Candwichman will be eating a different sort of sandwich from now on and in a different and rather ironically named new home – the can!

Can you dig it?

Sayonara toodlepip children.

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  1. Arabella permalink

    I’ve been known to eat yesterday’s cold lasagna with a small side of HP but I find there is a line I can draw when it comes to a sandwich. Quite a relief really.<br/>Cans that give birth to chickens – I’m against it.

  2. Tim Footman permalink

    I want a velvet jumpsuit just like Damo’s. [sigh]

  3. Geoff permalink

    Is Sweet Sue an invention of Andy Warhol – his riposte to Sweet Jane?

  4. Momentary Madness permalink

    Perhaps I should be canned.

  5. chazza permalink

    Hi di hi hun. . .long time no blog :(, do hope youre well and enjoying this glorious weather. . <br/><br/>Read all about it in the ole Sunday papers, the campagne of Tescos launching its new range of Sannies. . .’the lasagnwich’. Cringed just reading about it. All that cold fat :??. . .<br/><br/>Chicken In a tin. . .remember that as a child before Marks n Spencers cold roast chicken was available. . .telling my age. <br/><br/>Tinned Cheese ha. . . Lol an ex boyfriend was in the Army brought home tins of this stuff. . .wernt that bad as I can recall made by Kraft. It made a mean cheese sauce (just needed thinning down with creme freche), baked macaroni bacon cheese, Carbonaira and of cause Lasagnia. . .lmfo <br/><br/>tc hun xx

  6. Ivan Pope permalink

    Well, a sandwich shop near where I used to have my studio had a sign outside advertising their "Piewich". Yes, you guessed it, a pie in a sandwich. Is that better or worse than Lasagnawich? The sign comes and goes – once I noticed it said "The return of the legendary Piewich". I’ll try and get a photo of it, you could start a blog on disgusting food.

  7. Scarlett the Heavenly Healer permalink

    I notice that vile greed-mongering Tescopoly are responsible for the utterly scary Lasagnwich. It seems they will do anything to make a buck from anybody stupid enough to pay for it!

  8. chazza permalink

    p.s…Was down Tesco’s. (Gallions reach) today. . .Anyone for Paella sanie. . ’em exactly. Lmfaao. Just what is the Sanie world coming to ha! Xx

  9. Andrew Culture permalink

    So many amazing stomach churning products.<br/><br/>I really must remember to visit your blog more often!

  10. Excellent blogging mum. Sorry I’m late.

  11. Alan permalink

    I can dig it.

  12. Secret Photographer permalink

    Chicken in a tin. A whole chicken in a tin. Complete with gunge. That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m turning vegetarian.

  13. blackwatertown permalink

    Terrible, awful, disgusting, noooooo……

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