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Take Me To The Go Go

September 17, 2010

I am breaking a bit of a terribly remiss and lacklustre blogsilence to self promote. Shock! Horror! Gasp! Yawn!

Do you like punk music? Do you like silliness? Do you remember seeing this and liking it?

Fancy donating to help get a documentary series made?
Then click here:

We need more money to continue and expand the taster film in order to pitch to US broadcasters.

Thank you – and if you really love it that much you can also become a fan here:

Ta ra for now and thank you for coming by.

And if you are really really bored you can go here: Listen With Rockmother podcasts

Oh yes!

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hi hun. . one of my rare times of being able to sitttttttt and enjoy a few hours at the cyber library. Since no computer and my Iphone playing up. . .lmfaao. . .<br/><br/>Thought of you on 24th Jan since is the bday of my Uncle too. Hope you are well, same with your other half and little one also. Tc XXX as always Chazza

  2. JDA permalink

    Hi romo .. I see that most of blogland is deserted these days? Not many folk updating with posts and their blogs fading to a ghostly white!<br/><br/>So how are you these days?

  3. Rockmother permalink

    Hello Jif – how are you doing sir? Yes we’ve all got a bit sidetracked by silly facebook and marvellous twitter. Am planning a return shortly – been busy and lost me blogging mojo for a bit.<br/><br/>How you? Nice to hear from you xx

  4. JDA permalink

    I am fine I guess – rolling through the years and doing the best one can under the lifes outrageous circumstances.<br/><br/>Facebook and Twitter eh? … more of the same but with a different name and look! Not too sure how I feel about Facebook after all the smeg I heard about it – people deleting their accounts but having their private data retained on the main server … hmmm???? I think Facebook is planning world domination LOL!<br/><br/>I may not have too much blog presence these days (which is just merely personal choice and nothing more) but I always keep a beedy eye on folk that I know – hence my comment.<br/><br/>I look forward to your belated return with bated breath … glad to know your still alive and kicking.<br/><br/>Take care …<br/><br/>Later 🙂

  5. JDA permalink

    "I am fine I guess – rolling through the years and doing the best one can under ***the*** lifes outrageous circumstances".<br/><br/>DAMN TYPO’S! *******

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