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if anyone actually reads my blog – i book help please!

April 10, 2005

my first love
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

No, this isn’t my i book but it might as well be at the moment. I have a G3 i book which is making me want to bash it with a breeze block – can any of you help?


Print Center won’t load although I can see the icon in my dock. It jumps up and down but won’t load. When I open it in Applications it is blank. This means I can not control the printer which at the moment is paused so I have to waste alot of time and paper adding to and re-starting the queue which is the only way I can get anything to print. I re-installed the printer (I knew this wouldn’t solve it – but I had to try).

I also can not load/edit printer list either.

Any ideas/potential solutions would be most appreciated.

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  1. Ivan permalink

    God, I this sort of question because it is so unanswerable. But what I would do is delete all relevant items and reinstall – even by doing a system reinstall if need be. But first just bin and reinstall the print drivers etc. It sounds like something’s got corrupted. (I used to be much better at this stuff, but now even my 84 yr old dad is better than me at it).

  2. Wavy Gravy permalink

    One Breezeblock in the post (sorry, you may have to pay excess). Hey, It’s an Apple, everything costs a fortune with Apple…

  3. rockmother permalink

    I sincerely hope you remembered to put ‘Return To Sender’ on your package – guess what? I fixed it – don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier – just upgraded to Panther and hurrah – I am back to normal. Apart from losing all my bookmarks on Firefox which I forgot to back up ion the frenzy of anticipation of being able to print for the first time in weeks – oh well!

  4. rockmother permalink

    Aha! I managed to retrieve my firefox bookmarks. I’m SO happy! It’s the little things in life….

  5. Ivan permalink

    Does that mean I solved it then?

  6. rockmother permalink

    Well, sort of although I had re-installed the printer drivers to no avail which is what stumped me. In hindsight the whole of OSX was peppered with corruption but upgrading to Panther worked. Thank you for your help! And Wavy Gravy don’t be such a pc bore!!!! PC’s – yawn. PC’s – boring. PC’s – really annoying to use. Or is it just me?

  7. Wavy Gravy permalink

    Point taken, tell me one thing though, how, in the 21st century, are you expected to take over the world when your mouse has just one single solitary button…

  8. Anonymous permalink

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