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Hup 2,3,4

July 26, 2006

Blimey. I’ve had two hits and 9 page views from Corpus Christi Army Depot in Texas today – no comments as yet though. Aaaaat ease. SIR! Why do Americans always call their Dad sir? I cringe when I hear it every time.

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  1. Billy permalink

    Is y’all trying to provoke Americans into commenting, Ma’am?

  2. rockmother permalink

    No SIR!

  3. First Nations permalink

    sir?<br/>dad, maybe.<br/>hey you, probably.<br/>sir? <br/>sir??<br/><br/>HA-YELL no.<br/>come on, Corpus Christi; signify! testify! represent, yo!

  4. Wavy "SIR YES SIR" Gravy permalink

    You see, that’s what stereo-typing is all about (not typing with both hands – silly!). You get yer Happy Days and yer other, older, American TV shows and we assume that’s what real life is like ALL over the States right now. It very possibly is in many parts (‘Speshly Texas…)but I don’t believe the Sir and Ma’am thing is true any more – if it ever was.<br/><br/>But Americans (another huge generalisation coming up) have a similar stereo-typical view of Brits. We are all pasty-faced, have bad teeth, and London is foggy all the time. I really disappoint people when I tell them the last real smog in London was 1961.<br/><br/>But the truth is always a let-down. Long live stereo-types and the prejudices they breed!

  5. Chaucer's Bitch permalink

    my dad was even in the army and he never made us call him "sir." funny, that’s a stereotyp americans have about brits, all the "yes sir thank you ma’am if it please your majesty stuff." ironic.

  6. Arabella permalink

    In a record store recently, the polite, male shop assistant called me "Ma’am".<br/>Old person alert.

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