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Hop in Girls and Boys!

August 17, 2006

Yes – it’s up and running and everybody’s got a seat. The Romo For Real 3 has been unleashed into the annals of podcast hell! Listen to it on the bus, on the train or just really loud at home. Any degree of feedback rude or otherwise most welcome. I’ll be reading out your letters and top tips next week! Press here for more witterings from the Mother of all that is Rock.

Cheerio my little rock lobsters!

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  1. Yikes. You just turned a whole generation off Barry Manilow. I must send him a get well card. Dick.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Oh don’t worry – I’ll play more next week – I did it tongue in cheek. I mean, well you know what I mean.

  3. Billy permalink

    Ooh great stuff esp. Rock Lobster.

  4. Billy permalink

    and Richard Hell… top tunes.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Billster! I wasn’t sure about this cast – it’s taken me an age to get around to doing it and every time I started I re-did it as I sounded so crap! Glad you enjoyed it. Loved Yours by the way.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Smiley Culture – big up de hero of mah yoof!

  7. Arabella permalink

    Could you feel the lurv?<br/>Thank you so much for an epic soul tune.<br/>It’s uncanny. I thought I’d set up the podcast so The Husband would hear it when he got home. He turned up with yellow roses. There was smoochy dancing too.<br/>You are….. A DJ.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Istvanski – cool – I might play some more then. I had to play that one as it was pertinent to my day and wrath at the time! Where is he now?<br/><br/>Arabella – that’s wonderful – how romantic – you’re so lucky – and so is he! I’m really glad you liked the tune. Love is all around and smoochy. x

  9. First Nations permalink

    my daughter will not let me download the podcasts.<br/>poopy daughter.<br/>crappy daughter.<br/>smelly toilet daughter.<br/><br/>so bummed.

  10. ivan permalink

    cor blimey rockma, I look away for a minute and you go posting crazy. crazy. and podcasting to boot. marvellous. I’d love to podcast with you sometime – though I haven’t listened to them yet – well, it’s 12.30am now …

  11. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Brilliant stuff!<br/><br/>Who needs *proper* radio, eh?<br/><br/>I think this might actually have been my favourite so far – of all of them.<br/><br/>Billy’s was dead good too.<br/><br/>Have a great weekend and give my lurv to Mick ‘n’ Keef. We’ll probably have better sound than you, mind….<br/><br/><br/>xxx<br/><br/>Bobster

  12. Molly Bloom permalink

    Oh my god…did I just hear the words…we can rebuild him? *Faints*

  13. Molly Bloom permalink

    That’s so sweet what Arabella did….another great Podcast RoMo. I’d quite like to pose on a sofa with an Afghan hound.

  14. Molly Bloom permalink

    I loved the phone story…that is brilliant. *She does voices as well!*

  15. Molly Bloom permalink

    I noticed in this one…there was a bit more of the different side of RoMo…I like the side *swipes* at MTV and GWAOTM. Great stuff. Let it out girl!

  16. rockmother permalink

    Firsty N Going To Be Mayor One Day Lady: Oh that’s annoying. Daughters are meant to be like that sometimes as are the parents! Pooh – not fair. Drop me an e mail with your address and I’ll send you a cd. No probs.<br/><br/>Ivan you reprobate: Have been wondering where you have been – here’s the link for my podcast directory:<br/><br/>Let me know what you think. How’s it all going – good I hope. I subscribed to Snipperoo by the way and so far nothing, nil, dernada! What’s going on – call yourself a mogul?! Must go out for a drink soon – might be coming down to Brighters in a few weeks or give me a bell if you are in town. x<br/><br/>Swipe: Really? Gosh, thank you. I nearly deleted Romocast 3 as I thought it wasn’t good enough. You see – it’s obviously all gone to my head already and I have become the martyr-like perfectionist of pod. glad you liked it. Go-go-ed around the kitchen to yours this morning although I wasn’t sure about the image of you podcasting from the shitter. Yes, yes I know – you were fully clothed and the seat was down. Such desperation – it’s shocking.<br/><br/>Molly: Yes – I guess you did see/hear the other side of me – terrible mimic and a bit croiss on occasiions. Glad you liked it.

  17. rockmother permalink

    Sorry Molly – I type too fast for my own good and can’t bear bad spelling&gt;<br/><br/>That should have read:…….and a bit cross on occasions. Glad you liked it.<br/>x

  18. Istvanski permalink

    I’ve just done a poddy of my own – the link’s over at my blog…do you mind if I test it on you?<br/>Once you click on the link it should open up in Media Player (well, fingers crossed) or you can save it for later as a download.

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