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Working 9-5 – NOT!

August 23, 2006

Sorry my little choux buns – been working very late the last few days and yes – more podcast hell looming as is epic post on my foray to see The Stones at the weekend. I’ve been a bit dumb-struck as it was so incredibly good. They are playing tonight and I can hear bits coming through the air from a mile away. I took loads of photo’s too – will post them up tomorrow night maybe. Until then – stock up on the best podcasters around – current new pods of cast from young Billy, the raving bonkers but hugely talented Istvanski and wunnerful be-callipered Bob.

Love you bless you keep you. Mwah!

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    How was The Stones gig, ie: what was on the setlist?<br/><br/>I’d consider going to see them if they were to play something from "Satanic Majesties Request", but seeing as though it’s the most hated album (hated by Mick and Keef), it looks unlikely that they’ll be performing any of those tunes.<br/><br/>Did they have the whole gamut of extra brass / percussion / backing singers? Are they still a 23 piece band as opposed to the original 5 that they used to be?<br/><br/>Me and O’Rourke are planning on re-recording ‘Satanic’ for the hell of it. I can’t wait to get my grubby fingers on the Jackson for the opening chords of ‘Citadel’.<br/><br/>I’m glad you enjoyed the gig (what did yer ma think of ’em?)and I’m looking forward to seeing the pics.

  2. rockmother permalink

    I’m saving it all up for a post either up prob tomorrow – sorry – working with Americans at moment which means I put in a whole day UK time and then kick in to LA time at 18:00 through to about 00:00 – after that I’m a bit cream-crackered. But in short – no – weren’t the massive entourage they used to be which was refreshing – setlist – I’ll leave that for later but not sure I can remember the correct order – yeah record Satanic and stick it on a poohcast! Tales of me ma and pics up by Thurs/Fri.

  3. Dave the Wave permalink

    Didn’t me and yer ma go to see the Stones at Wembley around 1989 or 90 or so? I remember it was dead easy to drive into the car park – we parked on the top deck. It then took three hours to get back out again after the gig finished!

  4. Get busy on that next podcast rm. I just had a listen to a good one…can’t spell his name…the Whitgift fella

  5. rockmother permalink

    DavWav – I’m a little worried that both you and the old bat think that I was with you – I have no recollection whatsoever being at that gig! Are you sure it was me? I do have some slight memory of being stuck in a carpark for half a day with both of you but thought that was some other gig/stadium. Basically – you must both be right which really makes me concerned for the health of my brain! Why can’t I remember it – were they any good? <br/><br/>Dickie – I’m trying believe me but Istvanski’s was so good I’ve got the fear again plus I’m working on LA time when I could be podcasting at the moment so it’s all a bit difficult…and Bob Swipe keeps playing stuff I’ve already lined up so I’ve got to rearrange and re-think. Excuses excuses covering up for fear and wishing I had all the gadgets like Istvanski does to make jingles etc. Blah blah blah. I’m working on it……I promise!

  6. Divad Knom permalink

    Yer brain is definutly goin’ coz nowhere in my comment do I say you were with us. Nerry mind dear, it’ll all be over soon.

  7. Wavy "I can't think of any more stupid names" Gravy permalink

    And yes, it was a good gig but Wembley is just too damn big.<br/><br/>It’s weird, though, if you have a vague memory of the three of us being stuck in a car park. Do you remember our trip to Rye and the whoopee cushions? Ya gotta remember that one!

  8. First Nations permalink

    lord, i hope they were better live there than they were here at the superbowl, because here at the superbowl they just SUCKED ASS.<br/>that said, theres a reason the stones are THE STONES. <br/>theres also a reason why you don’t see very many anorexic 60 year olds going shirtless either.

  9. rockmother permalink

    LavDav – no I’m not going senile – just blind evidently – I read that as we and yer ma. It was possibly exacerbated by her convincing me that I was there so now I know it’s her what’s mad not me. But we knew that didn’t we? Thank god she doesn’t have a computer and can read this – I’m so horrid!<br/><br/>Firstness – ha ha ha – you crack me up. According to WavyGravyBod I am actually cracking up. Oh god I suddenly feel all Charlotte Vale in Now Voyager!<br/><br/>Back to Davy – WHAT trip to Rye and the whoopee cushions – come behind! as they say in Aus. I clearly have erased little chunks of memory over the years – oh go on – remind me!

  10. Wavy "Who am I again?" permalink

    Shorly you jest? You, me and the bat (you promise she doesn’t read this?)went down to Hastings one weekend. Popped into Rye and Winchelsea. Found a silly joke shop and we each bought a 50p whoopee cushion. Sat in the car in absolute hysterics with these things till our jaws hurt from the childish giggles. I know it was back in the dark ages – and I’m convinced I’ve got Alzheimer’s – but it’s a very fond memory. Er… well… it’s a memory anyway. I am talking to the Ashtray aren’t I? – Oh-oh this could be some complete strangers blog who must think I’ve totally lost it.

  11. He who ain't funny permalink

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what exactly do you do with these Rockmoths when you catch them?

  12. rockmother permalink

    Oooooooh yes I do remember! That was a real Bronx cheer!<br/><br/>Oi – rockmoth’s are cool – they flutter around until they can finally remember something then they forget it again – CK what? switch it on dear. (I’ll donate a tenner to the winners favourite charity if they can guess what episode of what sitcom that line comes from).

  13. Arabella permalink

    You will remember to return my graduation photograph when you’ve finished with it, won’t you?<br/><br/>Fawlty Towers – Manuel…something or other.

  14. rockmother permalink

    Arabella – Of course I will. Fawlty Towers or Warty Towels or Farty Owls will do – well sort of – can you be more precise? I need the particular episode.

  15. Molly Bloom permalink

    I wondered where you had gone. But kept thinking about you at the gig. I was hoping to see you on TV with your glam mum. <br/><br/>Can’t wait for the pictures!<br/><br/>Hope you are well and happy RoMosterxxxxxxxxxxxx<br/><br/>*Why* did you post another picture of me up?

  16. Arabella permalink

    Arrghwh….the episode? Um, Manuel and a deaf old lady…blast it, I don’t know.

  17. Urban Chick permalink

    OR you’re her long lost identical twin sister??

  18. Urban Chick permalink

    you’re twisty faster??

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