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She’s Got Bette Podcast Eyes

August 26, 2006

Despite suffering from a new phenomenon – Podcast Eye Syndrome – and seriously considering eye-bag surgery – The Romo For Real 4 is up and running here

Have lovely bank holidays won’t you my British readers. Me? I foolishly agreed to do this:


Word from the party that have gone ahead say and I quote “it’s like a bloody refugee camp here – chaos”. Thoughts running through my mind at that precise moment mainly because this is the first time I’ve had the chance to be completely on my own in the house all weekend are:
how can I wriggle out of this?
I’d rather stay at home
I really don’t want to go BUT…we’ve been invited by friends so I guess I’ll just have to lump it and throw myself into the heady rounds of more burnt sausages, squabbling, communal bogs, that intermittent tent zip ripping noise which always makes me laugh for some reason, damp loo paper and endless swingball contests. So The Mother of all that is Rock is off for a couple of days but I’ve left something for you to listen to while I’m camping it up on the West Sussex coast. Hi de Hi. Ho de bloody Ho! It’s by the sea so I guess it’s not that bad. I’ll take copious notes and photo’s of campsite munters for my return. Ta ra. (Actually – I’m going back to bed for more sleep and will go down later – I’m not rushing!)

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  1. Betty permalink

    Heh heh … you will probably be staying on the same campsite as the woman from the previous post’s picture. Seeing those mad staring eyes when you’re queueing up for the communal bogs – that’s something to look forward to.

  2. Istvanski permalink

    Hope the camping trip lives up to your expectations but in a ‘nice’ way.<br/><br/>Another stunning pooh-cast…see what fun it can be putting your voice through silly effects, it’s so addictive, even when you’re doing it at one o’clock in the morning.<br/><br/>I’m sure Jif will appreciate the dedication.<br/><br/>But you were right first time round; he is old and senile. Haha.

  3. JDA permalink

    looks like a scene from "Carry on camping"….anyway…I can’t download the pludcost!…access denied!….try again later….@X$@## it!

  4. First Nations permalink

    *imagining rockmother in a feather boa and dame edith glasses singing showtunes in the portaloo*<br/><br/>heres a damn song for your podcast:<br/>’my daughter’s poopy<br/>my daughter’s crappy<br/>my daugher won’t let me download<br/>your show<br/>my daughter’s buttly<br/>my daughter’s smelly<br/>my daughter needs to remember who changed her damn diapers<br/>when she was a smelly baby<br/>so her ass wouldn’t rot oooooooof'<br/><br/>thank you.

  5. JDA permalink

    Just in from work, glad to see the RoMo site back up and running again.<br/><br/>Thoroughly enjoyed your p@"#~t even though I had to go via Istvanski’s site to do it! he cunningly installed a link there.<br/><br/>Thanks for the dedi! apology accepted, but not needed. Blame Istvanski for the picture! he took it, Oh, and I changed my avatar to a younger version, don’t I look cute?<br/><br/>ps..In order to save you having to rap your tongue around my name everytime in mentioning, you know my real name? JDA is basically the banner under which I record music under, it is also an anagram of my name, that’s how it came about….. (Michael Caine voice)…"not a lot of people know that"<br/><br/>I actually saw the Tubes many years ago, Mr Waybill &amp; co (think that’s how you spell it?) and what a curious night that turned out to be, maybe I’ll use it as a post later…it is rather funny..buyee

  6. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Roster of Moster,<br/><br/>Frighteningly good 4th Time Around. I still haven’t heard Ister’s one yet, but no need really – yours has made me want to give up as it is.<br/><br/>The GSH was a fab finale. Loved the Latin one too.<br/><br/>Well done everyone!

  7. Istvanski permalink

    JDA – it doesn’t matter one iota that you’ve changed your avatar…you still look crap!<br/>Hardy har har.

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