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Can you see me?

August 29, 2006

Well I was going to put up a photo but I can’t even do that – I think I’ve been sabotaged by Blogger. Goodness – I’ve only been away for two days and such concern for my welfare and absence of blog. It’s me, I’m here, hello, cuckoo! (I love that song – Istvanski – who was it again? Some garage band from US somewhere – can’t remember). Maybe the scary be-bustiered Robert Smith lookeelikee is actually head of Blogger UK and has done me up like a kipper?

Camping was hilarious by the way – photo’s up tomorrow – quite possibly the worst but most entertaining campsite I’ve ever stayed at in my life and yes – I ate burnt sausages and yes! – I played swingball and yes – it rained very heavily and was awfully windy and yes – we laughed and laughed and laughed!!

Hope this works – thanks Bettster for the tip re: re-publishing.

Nighty night campers x

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  1. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Yeah!!! Sing Hosannahs!!<br/><br/>That’s well buggered up the Save the Ro-Mo Bobcast I’ve just recorded… <br/><br/><br/>Oh well..

  2. rockmother permalink

    Hurrah! It says I’ve got no comments – bloody blogging blogger!

  3. Heather permalink

    Glad to see you’re back up and running RoMo, you had me a bit worried there for a while.

  4. First Nations permalink

    lucky you – i had to upload Firefox browser in order to get mine working properly. <br/>just keep telling yourself….blogger is freeeeee<br/>blogger is freeeeee<br/>blogger is freeeeee<br/>blogger is freeeeee…

  5. Arabella permalink

    Woops – wondered where you were. Glad you survived carrying on camping.

  6. JDA permalink

    Smeggars! you’re back!! what planet did you go to? we sent out a search party, but found only tent pegs!!

  7. Paulie permalink

    Blogger’s working for me.<br/><br/>Ha ha ha ha.<br/><br/>HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!<br/><br/>Tag:<br/><br/>

  8. Billy permalink

    Yay! Welcome back…

  9. Istvanski permalink

    Phew! Tell Interplod to call off the search.

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