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Why is Blogger being so

August 30, 2006

? I haven’t been able to see comments for nearly a week – then I dropped off the system for a good couple of days and now I can’t access half me blogmates – aaaaagggghhhh – it’s so pants!

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  1. Arabella permalink

    It is big girl’s knickers as well. Having the same problems beside the Bay: the first day for a week that I can spend some time in the land of blog and it’s quap.

  2. rockmother permalink

    To illustrate my point I originally googled for pics of big girls knickers but unfortunately it came up with pictures I didn’t quite like to publish without you all getting the wrong idea!

  3. Istvanski permalink

    You should’ve googled for pictures of skid-marked undies.<br/><br/>That’s how I’d sum up blogger.

  4. Jools permalink

    You’re not the only one sweetie and the problem is getting worse – blogger hates me, switchpod hates me and now my damn email servers hate me too – utter arse!<br/>I did a search for big pants and that was just as hopeless.

  5. Betty permalink

    The comments only function half the time, often you can’t post pictures, yesterday I couldn’t access anyone’s blog for ages, the other day I’d written up a post, drafted it, then Blogger managed to lose the whole thing … and our dial up service is on the blink … and everything on the internet is so slow … I attempt to listen to podcasts (including yours) and RealPlayer cuts out after about ten minutes.<br/><br/>I think I’m going to give it all up, move to the country and spend the rest of my days in a remote hut. That is all.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Perhaps I’ll just start pressing cd’s and posting them properly to you all by conventional methods!

  7. Billy permalink

    "To illustrate my point I originally googled for pics of big girls knickers but unfortunately it came up with pictures I didn’t quite like to publish without you all getting the wrong idea!"<br/><br/>*makes mental note to google ‘big girls knickers when I return home*

  8. realdoc permalink

    Is it just me or is the guy in that picture wearing a box?

  9. rockmother permalink

    No it’s not you – they are actually incontinence pants! I think they were called Comfi-dri or something like that – Swipe’s own brand of choice I think?

  10. Molly Bloom permalink

    Hello RoMo…I can’t seem to open your Podcast either. It’s all going pear-shaped and weird. Perhaps you have a bloggergeist.<br/><br/>It’s so nice that you are alive and well and not gone. I was so worried. We started search parties and everything.<br/><br/>Lovely to see you back. Hope you enjoyed Bobster’s Stones Podcast. It was ace! I imagined you listening to it with your hair flowing behind you and in a road-movie style image. Marvellous. I *well* would.

  11. Molly Bloom permalink

    Actually…it looks suspiciously like he’s got a Tena lady stuffed down there…not much to write home about.

  12. Molly Bloom permalink

    I can only seem to get your ‘space-girl’ voice and then it cuts off. Still…that’s enough to *keep me going* for days. Yummers.

  13. Istvanski permalink

    Molly – behave yerself. You’re acting like a perve.<br/>Leave that to Swipe.

  14. JDA permalink

    "Yuurrrk" what orrible pantz!!!<br/>BULLETIN: humungus clues are to be had…"Ladies only"…what!!!don’t wanna play?…of course you do!

  15. Istvanski permalink

    Yes, and one of the answers to JDA’s quiz is: Bobby Gentry.

  16. JDA permalink

    "Oh no it isn’t"

  17. Arfur permalink

    What ‘ave you done with my Y-fronts, you bleeding great lump?

  18. rockmother permalink

    Aaoow naooow, Mum got caught short on the way back from the launderette so I had to get her to change in the toilets at Bejams. I couldn’t help it Arrrfah – it was orrible.

  19. Anonymous permalink

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