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This is slightly worrying…

September 3, 2006

Err…I know Bob Swipe does this much better than me but slightly horrified to find that some freak from the US gov in Albequerque is searching for British Adult xxx blogger and somehow was referred to me. How?

Domain Name ? (United States Government)
IP Address 143.120.40.# (City of Albuquerque)
ISP City of Albuquerque
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : New Mexico
City : Albuquerque
Lat/Long : 35.0757, -106.6406 (Map)
Language English (United States)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Javascript version 1.3
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Sep 2 2006 10:50:38 pm
Last Page View Sep 2 2006 10:50:38 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL….FP-tab-web-t500&b=51
Search Engine
Search Words british adult xxx blogger
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page
Out Click
Time Zone UTC-7:00
Visitor’s Time Sep 2 2006 3:50:38 pm
Visit Number 13,503

PS: normal service and next poohcast will resume next week. Been working very very long hours and very very tired and got no time to do anything except moan, drink coffee, moan some more, swear alot, moan more, swear more, have another coffee, more moaning and finally going to bed far too late especially when masquerading as the real Olive from On the Buses with someone very funny being Arfur across a couple of other comment boxes on other blogs. Is that blog-squatting by the way?

Anyway, if any of you like quizzes (Mollster!!! Swiper!!!) – hotfoot it over to jifs – me and Istvanski have thrown in the towel — it’s there to be picked up and triumphantly held forth by someone cleverer (or possibly less grumpy) than us.

Working all day with Beck (yes – that Beck and James Lidell (Warp Records) tomorrow – I’ll report back. Looking forward to it.

Guten nacht my little fondant fancies xxx

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  1. rockmother permalink

    Erm, no – not Jeff Beck but just Beck. Was a hard day – why are US road crews so aggressive? There really is no need. Mr B is a Scientologist which is a little disappointing – great band. Mr B is very slight – like a bird – quite unexpected. We also shot Jamie Lidell as well who performed solo and did backing vocals for Mr B in a Burberry mac with a turquoise towel around his neck – hilarious and brilliant all at the same time.

  2. Istvanski permalink

    "…We also shot Jamie Lidell as well who performed solo and did backing vocals for Mr B in a Burberry mac with a turquoise towel around his neck…"<br/><br/>Did you decide to put Jamie out of his misery because of his performance or bad fashion sense?<br/>Which type of tranquiliser dart did you end up using on him?<br/><br/>Arf-arf!

  3. rockmother permalink

    Ping ping ping! (that was my ribs – chortle – phnar).

  4. Molly Bloom permalink

    I still can’t download your podders. But…one day I’m sure I’ll do it!<br/><br/>*Punches air in defiance*

  5. Arabella permalink

    I admit to a sinking of the heart when I read that someone is a Scientologist. The group has tables and chairs set out downtown every day for its "Stress Test". The smiley predatory aspect of it makes me shiver.<br/>I ponder my reaction to the sect and wonder if people say "Oh no, not another Anglican."

  6. Spinsterella permalink

    I used to get quite a few people finding me after searching for "UK girls fucking". It eased off considerably when I stopped swearing so much.

  7. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Spin – just slip in a sentence something along the lines of "I did naked Suduko in the mud with Tanya Beckett and she was wearing stockings beneath her spike encrusted PVC lederhosen…" – or words to similar effect.<br/><br/>Worked for me – 45,000 Swipe fiends *can’t* be wrong…..

  8. First Nations permalink

    my ex husband was and still is a scientologist. you have every reason to cringe. hell, you have every reason to RUN. for the love of fuck, if the guy starts with the scientology crap DO NOT GO THERE no matter how sincere he his or how nice he makes it sound. its not a religion, it’s a hodgepode of psychotic crap dreamed up by a third-ate pulp fiction writer. do NOT give them any personal information or you’ll never see the end of the junkmail or the spam.<br/>*fanning self briskly* well! that brought out a little emotion, didnt it?

  9. First Nations permalink

    my ex husband is still a scientologist. for the love of god and your bank account, don’t give them an in of any kind no matter how sincere they sound. the shit’s psychotic. and EXPENSIVE.<br/><br/> american guys think british women are all stern, repressed victorian nannies who only need the barest of excuses to romp around in their whalebone corsets caning bad boys.

  10. JDA permalink

    RoMo: been looking at ‘switchpod’ but there is something I do not quite grasp? you have made, what..3 or 4 shows? I can’t remember, but the option you use (the free one) only allows six 30min shows or twenty 10 min shows. Your podcasts have been over half an hour haven’t they? I’m confused….what does it all mean? what happens when the time is up, do you upgrade?? my brain hurts…doh..F**king help!!"

  11. rockmother permalink

    Urrrr…my head hurts – working from 06:00 am yesterday and didn’t finish until 04:00 this morning. Then back up at 07:00. So..switchpod – I don’t know why I’m getting such big chunks for free I just upload them and feel mightily relieved that they’ve gone through. Just sign up and go why don’t you!? Good luck.

  12. JDA permalink

    not 9-5 then?

  13. rockmother permalink

    Absolutely, categorically not!

  14. rockmother permalink

    FN: Whew! Scientologists huh? Weirdo’s – definately. I got collared by them once on the way to an interview for my degree when I was 18. I ended up taking a ‘personality test’. It took forever – then they got me into a small room with no windows and a woman with an unsettling faraway stare. She told me that she was very concerned for me as I was minus 88 on the ‘instability scale’. She said that I was free to go but advised that I didn’t as I was more than likely to commit suicide within 15 minutes of leaving. Hello? Freakoids Anonymous? I was quite proud of that monster score but luckily was quite plucky and managed to extricate myself from their attentions. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a good way to start an interview having previously been whibbed out by the ever-so insistent Hubbardites. They are still there and still try and pull poor, impressionable lambs to the slaughter into their bottomless pit of a centre by Goodge Street Station. I have no time for them.

  15. Istvanski permalink

    RoMo – Your problem was that you were too polite at the time.<br/><br/>I can still remember what I told them to do when they tried to collar me…

  16. Istvanski permalink

    I hasten to add that I’m not like that all the time, but these nutters were persistent.

  17. First Nations permalink

    ahem.<br/>I meant to do that. <br/>Always good to re- establish ones’ own credibility when accusing someone ELSE of mental instability…<br/>ahem.<br/><br/>I find I like being addressed as a ‘little fondant fancy’. maybe thats why I was lured back.

  18. Molly Bloom permalink

    Hello RoMo…we miss you. Hope you aren’t working too hard. <br/><br/>RoMo,<br/>You are a wandering hobo,<br/>Out on the road,<br/>With Beck,<br/>But what the feck,<br/>We need you here.

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