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The Rockmother Returneth!

September 12, 2006

No – I’m not at work today which means I am indeed cleaning my gun and probably cleaning the bathroom and doing the washing up and tidying up and podcasting and stuff like that. Welcome back my gorgeous little bloggy dumplings. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to breathe let alone articulate. The above picture is courtesy of my mate Paul who has a great blog and a great eye and a lovely wife and a wonderful allottment too – he went to the St Martins show and took this – I think it’s great. Thanks so much and big squashy hugs to everyone who sent out interplod when I went to camp x-ray


(no – that’s not me – but the ‘people over the fence’ that hated us because we were so loud and interrupted their tetris-a-thon that they had obviously entered for the whole weekend). Then Blogger went pants and temporarily eliminated me from all mankind – I can’t believe the concern – I was genuinely touched. Thank you all very much. I’ve been commenting here and there when I can and downloading gargantuan amounts of podcasts to keep me sane. Still got to do Istvanski’s 2nd, Bob’s 88th and Jifdump’s 1st – Billy’s 3rd was corking and Bob’s Rolling Stones one was brilliant.

I’ve just finished producing a live show with Beck and something else for EMI. Beck – nice band, great sound but goodness, how tiny and short is that man? Very. Took him a while to get going but when he did it was great. Performed mainly new stuff – Nausea, Cellphone. Wired up some sort of electronic calculator and played it like an instrument whilst dancing the most cool James Brown-esque shuffle. For the last track he was joined by the rather brilliant Jamie Lidell on backing vocals who almost stole the show in an old burberry mac with turquoise towel around his neck. The man is a genius. Then it was Jamie’s turn to go solo – epic is all I can say. Will probably feature him in a podcast at some point. The only disappointing thing about Beck was the aggressiveness of some of the road crew. They hate film people as it has nothing to do with what they do – too much waiting around I guess. Some of them were nice and some of them were vile. But Beck’s a living genius in my book – despite his odd stare and very loose way of walking like he’s going to blow over in a puff of wind.

Apparently Beck is a scientologist. I have to say – I’m not a big fan of Scientology full stop – but hey – each to their own. Just don’t want it thrust in my face like on Saturday afternoon in Richmond. The evil Hubbardites were doing ‘stress tests’ on George Street. Again, preying on the young and vulnerable. I went a bit mad and staged my own impromptu protest. I stood in front of their stall with a big bunch of flowers and shouted “these are evil evil people – do not believe their words – evil, evil. evil people”. They looked a bit shocked at first and then laughed as I walked away shouting EVIL really loudly!. I suppose I must have looked a bit ridiculous but at least I did my bit. Hate them.

I almost forgot – here’s a picture of half of my face and my mum at The Stones – bit out of date now but here it is:


It was quite a piece of history all round really – she hadn’t seen them since 1964 at Beat City in Oxford Street and before that at the infamous pub on Eel Pie Island – that’s bloody cool in my book. This time around was amazing – I never really knew what it was like to have your hair stand on end until they blasted onto the stage at Twickenham. I felt like I was glowing all over – a feeling that didn’t subside for about 3 days. I was on a true Stones high! I can’t think of much else to say really as it is all a bit old news apart from the fact that they all performed perfectly and Mick Jagger was an inspiration. If I can run and dance like that when I’m 63 then I will be very happy. Keef was a GOD – faultless and rakishly thin. Kindly smiling at all the fans and constantly trying to put his arm around Mick and Ronnie in such a heart-rendingly genuine way. Charlie played so tight and looked the best he has looked for a long time. It was blinding.

On that note, I’m off to do my next poohcast – tara chooks! xx

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    Welcome back RoMo.<br/>Looking forward to your next poohcast and the Beck show whenever it’ll eventually be released.<br/>Glad that you can start catching your breath back over what seemed a manic last couple of weeks or so.<br/>Good to hear that your mum and you enjoyed seeing a sprightly Charlie Watts and the gang at the rugby coloseaum (sp).

  2. Waving Dave permalink

    At last, "Me and my Mum".<br/><br/>Hasn’t seen them since 1964 eh, I won’t take offence at that.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Istvanski! <br/><br/>Waving Dave: I forgot about 1980 trip – probably because I wasn’t there!<br/><br/>I stand corrected. x

  4. Waving Looney permalink

    Sorry my little RockMoth, I must stop being so pedantic.<br/><br/>Gotta say she’s looking good – I wonder when the hairstyle will change?<br/><br/>Give us more piccies I say.

  5. JDA permalink

    I suppose the real question is…when, or are they ever going to retire from the live scene? to keep on truckin’ like they have is quite phenomenal.

  6. Billy permalink

    Welcome back… it’s been a while.<br/><br/>Good to see you back 🙂

  7. rockmother permalink

    Hi Billster – nice to see you too – sorry I didn’t make it to your birthday drinks thing – I really meant to but it was the day before filming Beck and it all ran on a bit.<br/><br/>JDA – I know! What I forgot to mention was that they did all stagger off the stage looking like they were near collapse! Loved your interview by the way on Vanski’s lunatic second podcast – you have agood snort-giggle as well as being a champion farter I see! 😉

  8. JDA permalink

    I can tell you that I ‘lost it’ several times with that damn interview, Istvanski had me in tears! there are hours of total boll**ks which we could never publish! too blue…<br/><br/>so people tell me? Bananas?

  9. rockmother permalink

    No – just good friends.

  10. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Totally inappropriate, I know…but can I just say; your Mum: I *would*<br/><br/>Thought not.<br/><br/><br/>Bob#

  11. rockmother permalink

    Steady on Bob – she’s 68 you know!

  12. Pod permalink

    hi – just followed a link from molly coz i love olive from on the buses and i thought you were really her. i’m disappointed in one sense, but some of your photos made me laff. had a quick look, as thats the only type of look i had time for. love it that you take photos of people that worry you (on the tube, the school dinners one is brilliant, i would be scared of those monstrosities). anyway, thought i should say that. just started a little blog if you fancy a look. <br/>ta ra<br/>pod

  13. POE permalink

    Am very jealous of Beck &amp; Jamie Lidell together! I’ve seen both seperately but they must have been amazing together.<br/><br/>I was trying to find Beck’s height on the net (failed) &amp; discovered both his parents were Scientologists so that explains that, although makes it no less unfortunate. Of course, my atheism means I think just as disparagingly of all religions.<br/><br/>This ( collaboration sounds like it will be either interesting or appalling.

  14. First Nations permalink

    ooo, you’re back!!<br/>yay!

  15. little purl one permalink

    Just dropped by to say – hey!

  16. erindoorz permalink

    HI there. . .glad to read you back. Glad to hear of your two weeks (I’m jealous not able to go away myself this year commitments and stuff never mind). Love to hear of others who do this year.<br/><br/>Enjoy keeping up with you from your bloggs and it all started just by follow a link from molly. .

  17. erindoorz permalink

    Waving dave. . .Thank you so much, so much for. . <br/><br/>Hasn’t seen them since 1964 eh, I won’t take offence at that.<br/><br/>These days I feel so old for my age and then some. . . but by your comment you made my day as I was born in 1964 <br/><br/>Thank you …. Thank you. . .

  18. Annie permalink

    Blimey, your mum is glam. She looks just like Anna Wintour. <br/><br/>Sorry, possibly innappropriate as a first comment.

  19. rockmother permalink

    Hello Pod – oh dear – sorry you were disappointed! Glad you liked some of my photo’s anyway. Keep up the blog!<br/><br/>Poe – goodness – pod, poe it’ll be tinky winky and lala next. Thansk so much for dropping by – Beck and Jamie Lidell were brilliant and I was very lucky to produce that job. I’m about 5’3" so I reckon Beck is no more than 5’6" or 7" but the thing is – he looks even smaller as his frame and bone structure are so small. I guess he didn’t get enough greens when he was small! He had a personal chef – it all looked a bit Atkins to me. By the way – I checked out that link – truly dreadful – nice idea but not very well executed.<br/><br/>Firsty N: Yay – I’m back – thanks for coming by x<br/><br/>Little Purl: You too – bluebird loves her new home by the way<br/><br/>Erindoorz: thanks for popping in – don’t be too jealous – I only went camping to camp x-ray munterville-on-sea for a weekend. It was fun taking photo’s of other campers when they weren’t looking like the tetris-a-thon family.<br/><br/>Annie: Ooh thank you – I mostly get referred to as "oh your the one with the Mod mum" – that’s how people used to refer to me as a teenager. Ask Wavy Davy – that hairstyle hasn’t changed since gawd knows when – before I was born anyway which is ions ago. But as Rod says: she wears it well!

  20. GreatSheElephant permalink

    wow – your mother is stunning

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