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Hurray for Oompah Loompa’s

September 22, 2006

Here’s the all-new pod-protector mascot and equipment. It works a treat!

Get my pods here.

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  1. JDA permalink

    he’s a happy looking soul!<br/><br/>RoMo: do me a favour when you get a chance, I’m more than curious…<br/><br/>Look in your slutchpud control panel and check your ‘space used’ check it out for me and let me know…ta very muchly..

  2. rockmother permalink

    Hey Jif – re: my slutchpid ting – space used 156mb – apparently I have 43.04mb remaining – just enough for one more I reckon before I have to part with $5!

  3. I just googled ‘Tanya Becket stockings’ and frankly I’m a bit disappointed. Dick.

  4. JDA permalink

    Hmmm, almost max’d out..I thought so. ta for the info..

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