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September 23, 2006

GWAOTM on Sharon Osbourne Show!

Just in case you were wondering – here she is. I feel a little unsettled as she looks familiar – I think I might have met her at some point quite a while ago. We work in the same industry so it is possible.

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    I sent Swipe an email about this. The interview didn’t really disclose anything new about her and her ‘situation’.<br/><br/>However for those that are interested, she has a book signing coming up. Perhaps we should all go down there and congratulate her on her wonderful memoirs…not!<br/><br/>"…Yes, that’s right, me, in the flesh, signing copies of my book and finally meeting the people who have been reading my words: a terrifying, but exciting thought.<br/><br/>Put this in your diary if you want to come along:<br/><br/>6.00pm Thursday 19th October 2006<br/>Borders bookstore, Islington<br/>N1 Centre<br/>Parkfield Street<br/>Islington<br/>London<br/>N1 0PS<br/><br/>Feel free to pop by and say hello. Or alternatively to show some moral support: I will be absolutely shitting it…"<br/><br/>There’s no justice in this world. Here’s me, just contributed to the "Palace ’till I Die" book and I won’t be getting a bloody penny, where as she…dah! Bollox! BOLLOX!

  2. rockmother permalink

    Let’s go down there with amps and instruments and do our own really loud rendition of Wunderbar. Jif? Swipe? Are you in?

  3. rockmother permalink

    And Istvanski too – you were anonymously addressed in the last comment as I assumed you would be up for it but thought I’d better clarify in case you felt left out!

  4. rockmother permalink

    I agree we are suffering from ‘girl….onetrackboredom’ overkill but I thought it was a bit uneccessary for some wanker to comment on that you tube film – "I wasn’t expecting a fat bird with a big nose to come on". Bit mean I thought.

  5. Molly Bloom permalink

    I’ve just come here to say goodbye for a bit. They are coming for my hardware today…so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all of your kindness. It was so sweet of you to think of me. <br/><br/>I hope you are happy and that you will always be here. I put my arms around you and give you the biggest hug ever. Although my boobies might get in the way. <br/><br/>Love you loadsxxxxx<br/>Mollyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. rockmother permalink

    Agh Molly – you are coming back aren’t you – at some point? Otherwise I’ll have to come and find you and have a cup of Archers in real life with you!<br/><br/>Take great care. Great big hugs although my boobs might get in the way too – oh well.<br/><br/>A xxxx<br/><br/>ooops – I mean RM xxxx

  7. JDA permalink

    "wunderbar" Oh yes!…call me thick! call me stupid..I don’t keep up with current affairs much, but who the smeg is that?

  8. She walks funny. Maybe it’s the shoes. Dick.

  9. rockmother permalink

    Jif – Tenpole Tudor!!<br/><br/>Dickley – or the love eggs! Ha ha ha (I’m soooo probably right).

  10. Love eggs hmmmm. Didn???t think of that. For a moment I thought you were going to do a little feminine solidarity thing on me. Had a defence all ready. Now, now Dick, don???t be churlish. But I???m a churl mum, I can’t help it, and look at this! From her own blog no less! Very saucy???.<br/><br/>Sex injuries recently sustained:<br/>1. A dislocated shoulder (obtained through twisted positioning of our bodies)<br/>2. Grazes on my elbow (from propping myself up on one arm)<br/>3. Bruising on my knees (being clumsy means I knock against everything)<br/>4. Cramp in my calf muscle (enthusiastically pulling his arse in towards me with my feet has its disadvantages)<br/>5. A stiff neck (lack of sleep meant plenty of tossing and turning). (More of the former, naturally)<br/>6. A tired back (taking it from behind can be exhausting)<br/>7. Sore inner thighs (my ???fuck muscles??? don???t get a work-out as often as they should)<br/>8. A throbbing vulva (rampant grinding against his hand has its drawbacks)<br/>9. A pounding headache (the unfortunate payoff for my frequent, and intense, orgasms)<br/>10. A large ???love bite??? on my neck ???<br/>???You???ve marked me!??? I yelped, upon seeing the huge bruise.<br/><br/>He kissed my neck gently. ???Call it ???marking my territory??????, he growled.<br/>Quite.<br/><br/>Bit saucy innit? So I???m thinking well if Zoe wants to fuck like a rabbit and write a book about it who am I to churl? But seriously folks, there’s lot of important sociological stuff going on here. And GWAOTM is certainly filling a niche. In more ways than one. Credit where it’s due she handled her public appearance very well I thought. Must have been nerve-wracking for such a frail, modest young thing.<br/><br/>PR Dept. note to Zoe. Wear the power boots but keep it clean. <br/><br/>Sharon Osbourne: How did the press find out about you…er…Abby? ???Abby??? sticks to the total shock story. <br/><br/>???Abby??? mentions blog a few times. Good. Lots of support from readers there. Good. Men will enjoy the book too. Very good.<br/><br/>Movie deal? Well it has been mentioned (look shy and blush). Get a British actress to do it. Yanks couldn???t handle the sensitive nuances. Good.<br/><br/>Sharon Osbourne almost blew it by admitting she enjoyed the attention but ???Abby??? came across as awkward and amateurish. That was good.<br/><br/>Do you handle your own PR Abby? Not telling. Good.

  11. rockmother permalink

    I would agree with you there Dick. I also think she made quite alot of it up here and there – she’s hinted at that before. I don’t think she’s that blushing and awkward – she’s handles it quite well really and I reckon the ‘recognition’ is something she’s probably wanted more than she would care to admit. I quite admire the way she got her readers to upload the Sharon bit for her on youtube – great bit of self-publicity there with the minimum of effort.<br/><br/>I’ve always been interested in her writing a fiction novel and I’ve told her that now and again via comments – I think it is something she could do very well. I met a Producer the other week at a party who is making a documentary about her and has purchased the rights to both GWAOTM and Belle De Jour’s books. Interesting.

  12. Well this is the age of ‘reality’ shows and art imitating life imitating art etc. etc.. The sex angle is obviously the big draw but it will be interesting to see what happens to Zoe from here. Is she more than just a one hit vulva?

  13. rockmother permalink

    As opposed to a one-stop cock you mean?! Yes – it’ll be interesting – there was something a bit disappointingly Pebble Mill about the interview which made me feel that in 10 years time we will all be reading a "what happened to…" article in a Sunday supplement somewhere and she will be there with a banker husband, two kids and have given it all up for life in the country as a normal person.

  14. rockmother permalink

    Who’s deleted comment was that and why I wonder?

  15. "Who’s deleted comment was that and why I wonder?"<br/><br/>It was me. The vulva quip was an afterthought. Still not sure about it. <br/><br/>Good thinking rm. It’s the converted oast-house and a pony in the paddock for Zoe.

  16. Betty permalink

    I don’t really have anything to say against the woman. Good luck to her – there’s obviously a demand for what she’s written that’s been created by the blog, so she may as well capitalise on it.<br/><br/>I mean, most of us bloggers are self promoters to some extent, otherwise we wouldn’t comment on other blogs and would live in our own little self sealed world where we don’t bother about whether we get visitors to our sites or not. Face it, it’s nice to have a few more visitors or comments than normal.<br/><br/>Besides, after I’d seen that YouTube interview, I ended up having a long and tedious dream about GWAOTM’s future life which I have of course used as the basis for a post which I’ll publish on my crap blog later this week, PLUG, PLUG, PLUG.

  17. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  18. What will it take to get Robert excited? The One Track Mind line of sex toys?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Through here? <br/><b><a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>cheap hydrocodone</a></b>

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