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In The Good Old Days Before Digital Took Over

September 24, 2006

I used to be quite famous in certain circles you know! And thanks to Bob Swipe I’ve just had to join BHF Shoppers Anonymous. Yes, today I purchased from the incredibly nervous dare I say it effeminate man behind the counter who for no apparent reason at all took it upon himself to explain to my five year old EXACTLY how chip and pin works – I mean? Please! Bless the little podlington mascot – he listened very patiently and then said ‘Actually no – my mum’s name is ****** and she’s very clever so we don’t need you to tell us anything. Bye’. And off I scarpered red faced and very much trying not to laugh with the most inexplicable assortment of purchases:

2 x children’s books – ok – I can be let off for that
3 x children’s video’s – ok – I’ll be sending them back within the year
1 x vinyl LP ‘Manifesto’ Roxy Music
1 x vinyl LP ‘Band On The Run’ Wings
1 x vinyl LP ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ – the Joan Littlewood Theatre Workshop original cast including Judy Cornwell (Rock Follies), Brian Murphy (George and Mildred), and Avis Bunnage!
1 x vinyl LP ‘Hi-Fi Companion Ray Conniff – His Orchestra and Chorus (great cover – will post up soon)
1 x vinyl LP ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ Elton Bloody John

All of the vinyl I bought in the most ridiculously impulsive nostalgic frenzy. All of the above with the exception of Ray Cuntiff and Roxy M were parent-owned LP’s. Pathetic – even more so that my turntable is in the bloody loft gathering dust. I suppose on the up-side it’s a good incentive to dust it off and set it up – I miss my vinyl such alot – cd’s and mp3’s just aren’t the same. Now, audio cassettes however………………………..

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    1. Good to see that you got some bargains at BHF and that your little ‘un told cissy boy what for.<br/><br/>2. Nevermind vinyl and cassette…I miss minidisc.<br/><br/>3. I was going to use that cassette pic for my next podcast – I had it typed out an’ everyfing! I shall have to be quicker in the future…but then again that pic is so you…I mean you do love your 80’s mix tapes don’t ya?<br/><br/>4. I’ll listen to your podcast as soon as poss. Jif’s got a new one too. So many podcasts, so little time.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Istvanski – ta for your comments – sorry I beat you – Swipe does that to me allthe time with tracks it’s really annoying! <br/><br/>Re: tapes – I’ve still got them all from ’76/’77 – can’t throw them – love them.<br/><br/>Don’t hold your breath for the podcast – apparently slutbitchpod have sorted out the little glitch but it’s already 03:15 and I’ve got to be up in four hours – will upload tomorrow at some point. I think the next one will the the last for a while. <br/><br/>Hope your head’s better.

  3. JDA permalink

    I must say RoMo that I do not share your enthusiasm for the tape cassette! I always found them severely lacking in audio quality, so in those days (70’s) I bought myself a Sony reel-reel 2 track taperecorder, excellent! superior sound at three times the price! come to think of it, I’ve never owned a cassette player…other than my ‘philips DCC’ but that’s digital…no contest.

  4. Geoff permalink

    Does Avis Bunnage own the car hire firm?<br/><br/>Oh! Oh! Oh! What a lovely war!<br/><br/>Love to hear Ken Dodd do that.

  5. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Ahhhh, but is it the *original* pressing of Manifesto? With the heavier version of Angel Eyes and the single edit of Dance Away????<br/><br/>It should have a black inner sleeve with no lyrics printed on it if it is…<br/><br/>Get that turntable down from the loft and listen to side two of Band on the Run. *That’s* what music was meant to sound like before the bods at Philips bodged it all up with their digital caperings….

  6. rockmother permalink

    Swipe – sadly no – by my bastard brother has that version – stolen from home before I could get to it of course. Talking of stealing – do you remember me going on about my dad’s Surf’s Up album and moaning about how it wasn’t fair as my brother took that too. Well, under the pretense of getting one of my OWN records back off him I inadvertantly ‘stole’ back Surf’s Up the other day – now I can listen to Don’t Go Near The Water every day once I dig the turntable out of the loft – very soon! x

  7. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    "sadly no"<br/><br/>Shame, I saw a copy in Oxfam Kingston. Nearly bought it too, even though I already had it – then thought, who would be that sad to want a vinyl copy just for two rare tracks…..I forget sometimes, that it’s not just me, you see….<br/><br/>JDA’s is ace btw – I have unearthed a 12 minute Comus track to dedicate to him – there, you have been warned….

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