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October 5, 2006

Sale Of The Century

Here’s a corker – I can’t believe how cheap everything was – especially the two old boilers hanging out by the bikes. Oh no! They were the bikes!

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  1. Pod permalink

    ha ha HAAA! god lord, what HAS she got on? i laffed aloud at that. i don’t remember the theme tune being so disco, do you? it filled my heart with glee! thank you! i was going to post this for you too.

  2. Pod permalink

    i meant good Lord! i think you can actually tell that he is knickerless….?

  3. One the those bykes was a bit conventional for my taste but the other one looked like a good ride.

  4. I’ll try that again…one of those bykes was a bit conventional for my taste but the other one looked like a good ride.

  5. rockmother permalink

    I read it correct in the first place – I guess my brain just filled in the gaps. Have you been hitting the rum again Dickley?

  6. Istvanski permalink

    I keep replaying this for the theme tune alone. 4 bikes for ??68! Or is that 6?

  7. rockmother permalink

    It’s amazing isn’t it? For a start the compere says "and now here are two items of quality herm entertainment". Herm? Perhaps he was Clouseau in another life? And the blatant soliciting – at the end as the two ‘ladies’ come down the ramp he says:<br/>"and there they are – this week’s star attractions that could be offered to our winning contestant tonight..but which…will they choose?"! Prostition? On the Nickerless Parsons Show – ooh he’s a shocker and going commando too!

  8. Istvanski permalink

    Yes…how could you miss the ‘star attraction’ link!<br/>Incidental recent postings remind me of a link between Parsons and Sensible, bet you know what it is…<br/>I didn’t get the Sensible email as I clicked on the ‘no mail’ option at Blah. Was it anything of interest?

  9. rockmother permalink

    Istvanski – Wracking my rather exhausted enfeebled brain on the Sensible/Parsons link – something is ringing a bell somewhere but there’s no one home at the moment! Yes – blah mail was good – a link to Question Time encouraging one of four Blah Party questions to get on – come to think of it – it’s on tonight. Was also encouraging any blah party members in Bournemouth to go down and lobby.

  10. Billy permalink

    Ha! That was brillaint. Luckily there wasn’t too much of Parsons. He freaks me out.

  11. Pod permalink

    yes, there is somethign a little sinister about knickerless…..i reckon we’re onto something here guys, i think the whole show was a cover up for sex slavery….? why didn’t we see it at the time?

  12. Simon Hilton permalink

    And now from Norwich (home of Mustard) fnar fnar star attractions fnar fnar. Nearly wet myself.

  13. Istvanski permalink

    Parsons starred in Sensible’s solo single "Come On Down" video promo!

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