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Blogging from a minicab in the dark

November 11, 2006

I’m blogging from a mini-cab. When I initially wrote that I wrote – I’m bluffing from a can. In reality I am I suppose quite doing that – I’m blogging from a can hurtling at 50 mph ( that s more over the speed limit t thann is commonly allowed. This is what happens when you try and write something from a cab hut;iing along the A40 at the wrong (fast) speed. I have been wondering lately aboput my weird state of spelling and general being=ness. Mainly because my 5 year old son has neeb (been) hating school with a vengenance. Needless to say – a vengeance that I truly recognise .

He hates school. Can I just reiterate that I am typing this while being driven in a vehicle in the dark – goodness it’s chiming midnight on radio 4 and I can’t touch type and we have gone the most ridiculous way home. The childminder sits in waiting like a black widow. Whjat I can’t believe is that the head of the BNP has been acquitted. Goodness – this country is in one hell of a mess. It is very diffocult for me to type as I am doing it in the dark oin a minicab – I am – but – I do feel rather strongly that the leader of the BNP has a lot to answer for .

I’m really worried I have learning difficulties at 40 – today I wrote cello’s and wrote celleos instead.

It phased me.

I’ m a little bit tipsy and now I am home but even so – what a day!

New podcast coming soon – I love you all xxx I really do xx

PS: I have finshed this off whilst having a wee on the loo.

PPS: I have no boundaries

PPPS: Bag Of Yoghurt (why would you ever want a bag of yoghurt anyway?) – I’d like a drip or a handful of goat’s myself – this is to prove that no matter what happens you can blog anywhere anytime, any place of mind, thought, being, stance, feeling, beingness – on the loo having a wee which is precisely what I am doing right now.
Do I care.


Does Britney have a fat thigh of roundness? Yes. So? That doesn’t make her a bad person.

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  1. I was going to say ‘I hate to be picky but that looks like it was started in a mini-cab and finished on the loo’ but I changed my mind.

  2. JDA permalink

    Your son hates school with a vengeance! sounds familiar.<br/><br/>Blogging on the move!<br/>Blogging on the loo!<br/>Blogging in the dark!<br/>Blogging in a cab!<br/>sounds like a good subject for Molly to rap her poetry head around!<br/><br/>All go for you RoMo.<br/><br/>And quite right, observations on people and their habits/looks/tastes/clothes/choices/opinions/body fat/laps/bums/peeing whilst blogging/ does not make them bad people………jif

  3. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – you may well be right – it’s a bit hazy so far – need a cup of tea<br/><br/>Jif – he doesn’t really hate school with a vengeance – I fear I may have been exagerrating a little but when I told him the other day that if he didn’t behave he would have to go to another school he punched the air and said "yessss!"

  4. Pod permalink

    you do make me laff you funny thing.. i miss the english sense fo humour so i cling on to your every owrd, be it from the can, or the can (geddit?). i had a new patient yestrday marked down as mrs geddes (i could be struck of for revealing that), and i got all excited thinking it was barbara belle geddes, but it wasn’t.<br/><br/>ooh, you see, i keep making mistakes too. i do worry sometimes :o/

  5. realdoc permalink

    I find blogging from a desk a challenge, rock on romo.<br/>New podcast hurrah!

  6. rockmother permalink

    Cheers chaps (and chapesses!). Got a headache now.

  7. Istvanski permalink

    See what happens when you lead a hectic lifestyle from the back of a minicab? Headaches galore. Wishing you a speedy recovery even if you can’t get down to the accupuncturist’s.

  8. Istvanski permalink

    I’m slightly confused as to whom the BNP are meant to represent.<br/><br/>The British? The British happen to be a nation of ‘bloody foreigners’!<br/><br/>Check out – 100% English on Channel 4 at 20.00 hours tonight (Monday). Should be interesting.

  9. Eleuktra Starsoft permalink

    What a lovely post!<br/><br/>Such a sense of movement.<br/><br/>I’ve missed all this stuff about BNP. No TV you see. Just a glimpse in an occasional newspaper. Something about drinking champagne. BNP. Nah. No thanks.

  10. Eleuktra Starsoft permalink

    What a lovely post!<br/><br/>Such a sense of movement.<br/><br/>I’ve missed all this stuff about BNP. No TV you see. Just a glimpse in an occasional newspaper. Something about drinking champagne. BNP. Nah. No thanks.

  11. Eleuktra Starsoft permalink

    Hey, two of them!

  12. rockmother permalink

    Pod – thank you – it’s nice to know I make people laugh occasionally<br/><br/>Isters – interesting – I won’t be watching it unfortunately – doing 18 hour days until friday! Whoever said working in telly is glamourous lied!<br/>PS: – do you have any dealings/connection with Vauxhall Station at all? I got verbally abused by an inspector (care in the community psychopaths day out more like) yesterday and have put in a formal complaint – perhaps I’ll post about it. He made me cry and shouted at me – I was scared. That’s harrassment isn’t it?<br/><br/>Electra – hello and welcome to my random world of wittering and warbling

  13. rockmother permalink

    Ooops oops oops – apologies I mean<br/>Eleuktra!!!

  14. Istvanski permalink

    RoMo, I only drive trains through Vauxhall, we’re a different department to the ticket inspectors. You did the right thing by making a complaint. Did you get his name? Report the shit out of him! How dare he take his own pathetic jobsworth attitude as an excuse to try and make himself into acting out in a jumped up Hitler fashion. There’s no excuse for that behaviour, and I’m really sorry to hear this has happened.<br/><br/>The main thing is that you’ve got his name or some kind of ID number that they should be wearing on the lapels of their uniform and send a written complaint together with times and dates and get in contact with SWT:<br/><br/><br/><br/&gt;…if you haven’t done so already.<br/><br/>That person was a dispicable piece of shit.

  15. rockmother permalink

    Isters – no – I didn’t get his name and no. but toyed with the idea of making myself go through there today to find him – but just couldn’t face it as am on day 21 of work without break at moment. Will go tomorrow and all week though if I have to – I’m sure he’ll be there at some point. I think he was mentally ill. The way he treated the woman before me was unbelievable too – he was an aggressive bully – really aggressive.

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