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November 11, 2006

I am such a lightweight – I only had three glasses (or was it four?) of red wine last night on an impromptu night out . Anyway, not that much really but all on an empty stomach. Bad move.

Do you think Sammy Davis Jr had hangovers?

Just off to rummage in the cupboard for some Andrews or Dioralyte. Then I’m off to work. I suppose it’s an egg and bacon sandwich with butter and black pepper and ketchup then?

Laters you crazy cats. x

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  1. Pod permalink

    yeah i bet he gets some shockers!<br/><br/>can you send me some andrews? not had any for ears (see? i meant years) and i used to love it as a kid coz we couldnt afford a sodastream like the posh buxtons next door (whose barbie inflattable camping kit and ski equipment i stole). i would drink it just as it was about to fizz up and it would shoot up and out of my hooter

  2. Pod permalink

    by the wayside, if you havent seen ‘we can be heroes’ an ozzie comedy, you must, if only for pat mullins

  3. rockmother permalink

    Pod – The Buxtons? Was it Alex and Fraser Buxton by any chance? The world would be very small indeed if it was.

  4. bag-of-yoghurt permalink

    Oh my god, I have just realized more people responded to my random comment! Sorry to be pathetic, but that rather excited me.<br/>Bag-of-Yoghurt is from a Stephen Fry quote i found on a card once which sounded a bit like me: "My body, on the move,resembles in sight and sound nothing so much as a bin-liner full of yoghurt" <br/>So you can see why I’m touchy about digs at Britney for her size; I have no feelings about B either way – if any, a vague distress and pity maybe. I wish I was that thin, actually.<br/>As for BNP bloke getting off so lightly – oh vomit and utter depression!<br/>Am out for dinner with some friends now, but will check this whole blog thing out a bit more if I’m still sober enough when I get home! <br/>Then maybe I will have a link and everything.

  5. Molly Bloom permalink

    I hope your hangover is gone. I loved the mini-cab blog! How cool.

  6. bag-of yoghurt permalink

    sorry rockmother my last comment was all about me, god am i sad or what?<br/>For hangovers add chillis to the fried egg as well as the ketchup, i think it helps. And ginger in any form.

  7. JDA permalink

    Ah, one of the ‘Rat Packers’ I’m sure he became quite accustomed to hang overs….just look at the company he used to keep in the early days!!<br/><br/>Chillies for hang overs? ‘Japanese flag’ time, good for the head, bad for the butt, wonder if it works? Oh, and wine on a empty stomach, never a good idea RoMo….mind you, I can’t talk I’m sitting here sipping ‘Tawny Port’ on an empty…hic!!!!hic!!!

  8. Pod permalink

    no noy alex and fraser, unless they have had the op. joanne and claire, and their elder sister rebecca. who stepped over me in her nighty when i was sleeping over one night…..trauma. the full photo of me here -&gt; includes the buxton twins

  9. JDA permalink

    Hi RoMo, ‘Kevcast’ up and running.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Apparently I guzzles 5 large glasses of red wine – no wonder I felt so ropey.

  11. rockmother permalink

    Oops (hic) – I meant guzzled!

  12. "He felt as if about two-thirds of his head had recently been sliced off and his heart seemed to be beating somewhere inside his stomach, but otherwise he was fine" (The Old Devils, p.75). Old Kingsley was a dab hand at hangovers.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – yes the Amis’s were rather good at hangovers or incurring them should I say – not so hot on teeth though!

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