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Hello……..Today Is Hair Tearing Day

November 15, 2006

Is it me or are the planets misaligned or something? Why is everybody so grumpy and rude?

How has your day been?

Feel free to vent.

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  1. SimonHolyHoses permalink

    I feel an Involuntary Career Event creeping up on me. It could be paranoia, or a virus, but who knows.<br/><br/>I’d like to be the centre of attention at work but they’ve just hired lots of newsters who still have glossy coats and the veneer of potential, and they still run for every stick even when, ha ha, the directors pitch it into a muddy and stagnant pool for a laugh.<br/><br/>BANG! <br/><br/>Thanks for the use of the target RoMo. That feels much better. Hope I’ve not broken it for the others.

  2. Istvanski permalink

    On a lighter note in case you weren’t aware, they are naming a train after our man Sensible (full details on his MySpace thing). I know trains are the last thing you may want to think about after your recent events that you experienced. Did you get to see little Hitler again?

  3. I was grumpy and rude yesterday because of blogger. I don’t trust this beta thing. They say it is to ‘help us enjoy many exciting new features’ but I think they are up to something.<br/><br/>Other than that Grumpy is just one of my internet personas.

  4. Jools permalink

    Yep mine too was a shitty, crappy grumpy day yesterday..only marginally better today, same problems, but new ‘I have a bottle of rose and I know how to use it’ mantra is helping (well a bit!)

  5. realdoc permalink

    Everyone is grumpy because of the hour going back. It fucks up everyone’s karma to use the official medical term. Basically everyone is jet-lagged.

  6. JDA permalink

    Christmas is coming and everyone gets moody before the onslaught of over eating and getting pissed!<br/><br/>Can I afford this? can I afford that? fuck the presents…doing my head in….get the picture!!

  7. Molly Bloom permalink

    Everybody does seem a bit tired and stressed out. Someone nearly ran me over with their car this morning because they were so fast and swerved all over the road. I saw my life flash before me. It was a bit frightening. <br/><br/>I hope you are ok. At least it’s the weekend. It’s taken me ages to catch up with everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Thanks everyone – things back to normal for me soon – finish a job next week and am now on my 4th weekend working in a row with no break – not funny. Podcasts, witty, rude, judgemental, questioning, revealing posts all coming your way soon. xx

  9. Leighton Cooke permalink

    Some say it’s the Mayan calender, or Mercury retrograde. Some, like Barbara Ellen, think it’s the crisis in maleness. It could be GMO or nanotechnology, but one thing is for sure. Something’s up.

  10. Molly Bloom permalink

    Glad you are coming back soonxxx

  11. tony permalink

    fuck off its none of your business

  12. JDA permalink

    Come om RoMo!! where the smeg are ya? get back to ya fans….we miss you!

  13. rockmother permalink

    Jifdump – thanks – I miss everyone too – in fact – I miss my life at the moment. I’m doing crazy hours – all due to finish this week and then I can get back to normal again. I’m exhausted.

  14. rockmother permalink

    Molly – thank you xxx<br/><br/>Tony – I take it you were being funny!

  15. JDA permalink

    Tony: What’s ‘Fuck off it’s None of your business’ all about??

  16. rockmother permalink

    Jif – I would like to think Tony is joking – and if he’s not……well…….everyone’s entitled to their opinion I suppose – that’s the joy of the tinternet! (apart from the fact there is no excuse for being rude and I can and have been ruder than most of an occasion as you well know). x

  17. JDA permalink

    RoMo….yeah, but I don’t recall you telling someone on blog cyberspace to ‘fuck off’…

  18. JDA permalink

    song now at ‘slutpad’

  19. rockmother permalink

    Jif – well no I haven’t exactly told anyone to eff off in blogspace apart from a disgusting little twerp that slagged off Firsty once. Oh, and I was awfully rude about your original avatar once wasn’t I but I don’t think used a swear word? I’m sure Tony was pretending to be very grumpy re: what the post was about – and if he wasn’t then he can f*^k off then can’t he?!

  20. Yes rockmum I’m sure Tony was just pulling your leg. Far too many amateurs getting into the Grumpy business these days.

  21. baggiebird permalink

    Tuesday was ok Wednesday was rubbish beyond belief. After having spent most of Tuesday showing th enew temp what she had to do she decided not to come back on Wednesday …grrr, meaning I had to show a whole new temp the job all over again

  22. First Nations permalink

    hey, i remember that! thanks!<br/>the cyber ‘fuck off’, that is.<br/>actually i am having a rather great day. I just took the very last of the last harvest off my tomatoes and am processing them down into sauce even as we speak. or whatever we’re doing.<br/>november 21, people! i flat muthafuckin’ rawk the plant world!! woot!

  23. rockmother permalink

    Hello Dick and Baggiebird – thanks for popping by. BB – if you want something done it’s far better just to do it yourself sometimes!<br/><br/>Firsty – glad you’ve had a good day harvesting yet more of those Sumas killer tomatoes. xx

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