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Munterspace…I mean Myspace

January 20, 2007

Now you all know why I call it munterspace. There I was minding my own business on myspace music browsing for interesting tunes and then I get this:

hey how are you?i am antonio,guy from sevilla spain.i am 24yo. still new on this site and looking for some people to chat. do you have instant messenger?i use msn and yahoo. i dont have photo here on this site but i have webcam so you can see me on it if u want. hope you’ll reply to my message. bye for now:)

and he calls himself Naughty Tony. I have to say I’m almost tempted but really – he is almost as bad as the 22yr old gun freak from Utah a few weeks back who asked me if I was into younger guys because he was into older women. Thanks a fucking bunch Bozo! His listed interests were Slipknot (the WORST band ever in the whole world apart from The Doollies), guns, black metal, older women. So I wrote back and asked him what exactly had happened in his childhood that made him want to have sex or cybersex for that matter with older women? There was a pause of at least 10 mins while he obviously went into a blue funk. He then falteringly typed back that he wouldn’t like to say, I mean he didn’t really know and that it’s ok he doesn’t want to be my ‘special friend’ anymore. Perfect.

Vote for Munter of the Week here.

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  1. Annie permalink

    ooh. New blogette. You are expanding your empire.<br/><br/>So, *cough* 24 year old Naughty Tony is single…?

  2. rockmother permalink

    Annie – hello hello – yes – the ever-expanding blogpire…. Not sure if Naughty Tony is ahem single but I can send you the link if you are interested! 😉 I think he likes people telling him what to do on his webcam…that’s why he is soooo naughty! Yawn.

  3. Look on the bright side rm. Now thanks to munterspace they don’t have to go out anymore. It’s been a boon to small children and horses.

  4. Annie permalink

    DH – ouch! Harsh but probably fair.

  5. Yes probably a bit harsh rm. I’m sure most of the gothic folk on munterspace are sensitive souls just trying to find their way through life. But some of them are’s good to let them know.

  6. First Nations permalink

    myspace?<br/>my god.<br/>lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.<br/>or in this case, trout.<br/><br/>(troll ‘gothnet u.s.’ sometime. you want munters? also mongs, tards, mongtards, doofuses, dorks, and the rarely seen dorkus maligni.)

  7. Pod permalink

    you’re looking great on your cross trainer love!<br/><br/>martin parr? you have not one but two? he is one of my all time faves. brilliance. i am flattered by your comparison….with this comment you are spoiling uzz (hope you got the cheesy ferrero roche ref there)<br/><br/>msn me for some fun….

  8. JDA permalink

    Hmm..You are yet another recipient victim of the cyber space hidden personality and intention syndrome?<br/><br/>Don’t worry RoMo…there’s a lot of it about…maniacs, pervs, stalkers, ped’s, homo’s, lesbo’s, you name ’em, they’re all to be found on any blog space somewhere…what a wonderful shit filled world we live in? the internet just makes that form of interaction more accessible, hairy scary!

  9. JDA permalink

    Oh…and morning Ma’am!

  10. Billy permalink


  11. llewtrah permalink

    I used to get the same sort of stuff on AOL Instant Messages. Bl**dy irritating when you’re surfing and a message box comes up – a 14 year old in Southend is after an older/younger/desperate/any woman so he can get his rocks off.

  12. That 14 year old in Southend has a lot to answer for llewtrah. Somebody should have a word with his mum.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – indeed – thanks to munterspace there are certain sections of the population that are safe in the knowledge that they can be friends with goth girls covered in fekblood (Bob Swipe’s description and favourite – not mine!) without any of their friends or family any the wiser<br/><br/>Annie – yes – harsh but fair<br/><br/>Your Firstness – ooh I wondered why I was feeling itchy – must be the fleas. Ooh gothnet sounds like a good evening’s entertainment. Lots of love x<br/><br/>Pod – cheers love! Yes we love Martin Parr – well I do – that’s why I own 2 signed prints from the Common Sense exhibition. It sent me into debt but I couldn’t help myself.<br/><br/>Jif – yes – I’ve come to the conclusion the combination of rock and mother in my name must spark certain freudian issues in misguided young youths of today looking for a knee trembler in cyberspace. Mind you – who is to say they are really 22 when their avatar is of a small rodent such as a ferret or a gerbil or someone in an electric chair?! <br/><br/>Jif – morning!<br/><br/>Billy – Ha! to you too sir<br/><br/>Llewtrah – I sympathise big time<br/><br/>Dickley – I blame the parents

  14. JDA permalink

    "Good morning Mother"

  15. Istvanski permalink

    What’s wrong with guns, black metal and older women?

  16. rockmother permalink

    jif – morning, evening all.<br/><br/>istvanski – well nothing really unless you wield them at people willy nilly, play it incessantly when not appropriate and hassle them for cybersex whe they are not interested

  17. Istvanski permalink

    But what’s wrong with weilding guns at…oh, nevermind.

  18. JDA permalink

    Morning RoMo….gis a couple of grand!!

  19. Billy permalink

    I wonder what the cybersex equivalent of a knee-trembler is?

  20. rockmother permalink

    Jif – morning – evening – sayonara – bonjour

  21. rockmother permalink

    Billy – a screen that goes a bit wobbly maybe?

  22. Pod permalink

    i am insanely envious of your parrs!! could you be any more cool i ask myself? i am grateful for your encouraging comments…thank thee (could you write me into your will perhaps???)<br/><br/>;0p

  23. rockmother permalink

    Pod – such praise – thank you – but you should be proud of yourself having such a great eye. Hhhmmm…I haven’t done a will – perhaps I should – who would I leave my Parrs to?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>christmas comment myspace</a>

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