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I’m Glad I’m Me

March 28, 2007

I’m working very hard at the moment and thought I would ‘relax’ this evening by watching quite possibly the most dreadful ‘car crash telly’ I’ve seen since my Anna Nicole Show watching days. It was a terrible dilemma – my choice was Horizon – a quest for the ultimate cosmetic creams that actually work, Half A Ton Hospital – incredibly obese people at a fatally flawed nursing home in the US, or reliable stand-by at times like this – CSI. I probably should have stuck with CSI but instead I went for Half A Ton Hospital. All of the massively obese and very ill people’s stories were terrible and heart-rending. It took the death of a 29 year old patient and friend of 24 year old 27 stone Sequoia to do something about herself. It took a stomach staple operation for Tammy also 29 who had been raped 10 years ago and turned to comfort eating since to ‘cheat’ and keep ordering potentially fatal post-op take-out to the nursing home where she was convalescing. This really jarred for me – where’s the logic? A nursing home for morbidly clinically obese people that allows them to order gianormous artery-blocking take-outs (Tammy’s favourite being only meat, cheese and marinara sauce pizza – no vegetables please and a tub of icecream to finish off). It appears there was indeed a double logic here – ultimately the doctor who ran the hospital was running a business – one he nearly lost when they all waddled out in droves after he imposed a strict diet regime banning all junk food full stop. Rather depressingly the success rate is only 2% for obese people who lose a substantial amount of weight and manage to keep it off – that’s a shocking percentage. Heroin and alcohol addicts have a higher rate than that. My point is that the doctor who ran the nursing home was actually promoting eating not helping people get better for themselves. As if that wasn’t harrowing enough – I then segue’d nicely into Marbella Wives – er – more like Marbella Munters if you ask me. Absolutely revolting. Ugly old cow’s with disappointed gash-like mouths and much too much more money than sense. The worst culprit being Lisa who had a son who’s nappy she had only changed once – he is nearly three and is called Blue. She didn’t like it as the time she did change his nappy she ‘got shit in her new nails’. Nice. The film ended with her interviewing some poor long-suffering Filipino slave ( I mean ‘helper’) who she told most strongly that Blue (or Blaauuuw as she pronounce it) must not be allowed to hear her voice in the morning and must be kept away from the kitchen as she likes to sit and have her coffee’n’fag in the peace and quiet of a morning. She was awful.

So – I’m glad I’m me despite the fact I’m worried about the potential of developing Bloggers Midriff Syndrome due to spending an increasing amount of time on the internet. Or perhaps Bloggers Anonymous beckons? Yes that’s it – perhaps I should start up the first support group for Bloggers that just can’t leave it alone?! Here’s a picture my 5 year old did on the computer. I am so proud.


And lastly, I purchased a pair of purple spandex lycra leggings from ebay today. It’s ok – I haven’t lost my mind. I’m going to a ’70’s’ party on Friday. I bought a Cher wig too. I laughed when I opened up this picture described as ‘Size 10 Sandy from Grease-style lycra leggings’.


More like Bandy the Boiler from Birmingham! Er…not quite a size 10 I fear? Oh I’m so glad I’m me. Well I am today anyway.

Is it bad for me to want these original Terry De Havilland ‘Wonder Woman’ shoes?


I really think I must – I love them. Shoes and books are my weakness.

Yours Ro-Mo-Fo xxx

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  1. llewtrah permalink

    The problem with eating addiction is it’s impossible to avoid food. Recovered drug/alcohol addicts can avoid ever touching the substance again, but food addicts still have to eat.<br/><br/>There’s alos the problem (discussed over on Realdoc’s) that food addiction can be due to brain chemistry problems. People know they are obese, but their brain can’t seem to put the brakes on their appetite. Goodness knows, I have enough trouble!<br/><br/>The Marbella muthas sound awful. A reason to divorce one’s dam.

  2. rockmother permalink

    LLewtrah – exactly – I’m even beginning to wonder whether the ‘Doctor’ at the featured nursing home was actually a medical doctor at all as he didn’t seem to recognise this simple fact – or try to help people with it. In saying that – there was one success story among the casualties of the disease. I think that’s where the media don’t help either – obesity is a disease which can lead to a whole other set of serious medical problems. It was really sad. And yes – the Marbella mothers summed up everything about British lad-wifette culture that is wrong – just as well they’ve left the country.

  3. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Was it CSI Miami? If so, you’d have been mad to miss it. Horatio Caine delivering terse one-liners at crime scenes while gazing off to the distance and then donning his sunglasses? How could you pass that up. <br/><br/>If you feel in need of a Horatio-hit however, have a look… <br/>

  4. Istvanski permalink

    That "doctor" (if, as you say, he is one) is doing what many people and politicians do, which is exploit people’s fears and insecurities. The only good he’s doing is for his own wallet. <br/><br/>However, it makes you think that if the obese people were more than willing to leave after strict diets were imposed, then it’s a case of these folks not wanting to acknowledge the truth, or the real problems behind their obesity.<br/><br/>The fatty foods are the tastiest and there’s no justice in life when it comes to that. But you can find healthy, tasty and filling food if you really try hard enough. It’s a case of getting out of that rut to actually kick-start the effort that’s needed for that all important life style change.<br/><br/>Those shoes will go oh-so-well with the leggings and 70’s theme night. They’re a must-buy.<br/><br/>That was a very cool pic by Mini-Ro-boy. It’s as if he knows you’re going to the 70’s night – look at the colours he’s used, the imagery, etc.<br/><br/>Bloggers Anonymous, eh? Are you still attending that gym?

  5. savannah permalink

    seems i spent most of the 70’s ..either preggers or nursing…and watching sesame steet with the children…damn…i missed a lot..ok, not really…(buy the shoes!!)<br/><br/>*had to google marbella mothers*<br/>**still in the dark**<br/>**it’s a sign***

  6. Billy permalink

    I don’t like CSI: Miami much because that Horatio, despite being named after a character from Hamlet probably, is played by him off of NYPD Blue. Who left to persue a film career. Ha!

  7. Can you give me the link for Bloggers Anonymous? I already have enough blogs for people who can’t stop blogging.

  8. violetforthemoment permalink

    I think I need to sign up for Bloggers Anonymous. I haven’t been to the gym for a month with the flimsy excuse of smushing my knee ages ago and I seem to spend most of my time at home and work sat on my arse in front of a computer. And Rocky bars were on buy one get one free in morrisons last week so I’m averaging four a day now, which is not good even though they’ve gotten waaaaay smaller.<br/><br/>The shoes rock, but those Marbella people sound vile with a capital Vee. So babies actually poo and require effort and attention rather than being warm, docile little Baby Dior mannequins? Who’d have thought it?

  9. Annie permalink

    I’m glad you’re you, the Mo of all things Ro. <br/><br/>Shooooes! You must get them.

  10. Pod permalink

    my dear, there is a very big difference between want and need, and you NEED those shoes! wish i had seen marbella wives. and please, we NEED to see the cher outfit. have you seen the french and saunders cher piss-take? very funny. <br/><br/><br/><br/>watch out for the teeth during bang bang<br/><br/>x

  11. llewtrah permalink

    RoMo – Molly’s gone! Her profile is still there but her blogs have been deleted. Poor Bobby will be homeless.

  12. Billy permalink

    Oooh shoes.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I really think it must be so hard to adjust your ‘taste’ if you have been existing on a diet that it deemed ‘unhealthy’ ie: one rich in salt, fat and sugar. Even though evil wizened Gillian McKeith is bizarre and annoying – she has a point. Currently eating smoked mackerel, purple sprouting brocolli and brown basmati rice with sheeps yoghurt for my supper. Not because I’m on a diet but because I like the tastes. And no – I have not attended the gym since early Feb due to a dislocated lower spine thanks to the gym! Am seeing the physio-terrorist twice a week. All good.<br/><br/>Savannah – welcome to strange Romoworld! Thank you for your encouragement re: the shoes – I think I must. I’ll put up a link to Marbella Mothers whose children should be in care on the next post.<br/><br/>Billy – actually – I love Horatio. He has the most ridiculous sunglass action and he has red hair which we don’t see enough of on the telly<br/><br/>Dickley – yes I can – I checked it out – again – will put link for you on next post (prob Sat the rate I’m going with my 18 hour day sched at mo)<br/><br/>Violet – Yes – the shoes do indeed ROCK and I will look like an idiot in them but I really have got my heart set on them – mainly because only a certain no of pairs were made and they are a wonderful piece of history and art<br/><br/>Annie – ooh – thank you – you too! Shoes – here I come<br/><br/>Pod – update on my accessories list: white rimmed cutaway side sunglasses, gold necklace with heavy big red apple pendant with bite taken out of it in….diamante! It’s FAB – co-ordinating butterfly earrings and red and diamante chunky plastic bracelet. I am going as Studio 54 trash.<br/><br/>Llewtrah – oh no – I better send out supersleuth – damn!<br/><br/>Billy – phwoar – shoes – yummers.

  14. rockmother permalink

    ooh – sorry Jimmy – I missed your troosers! Yes – isn’t Horatio just brilliant – I get all despondent and narky if it isn’t his one. I especially like his sunglass action – it’s hilarious and soooo predictable.

  15. First Nations permalink

    what i want to know about the eating disorder people is, how do they always seem to find these followers who keep them packed up to the neck in snacks even when they themselves can no longer leave their bed?? those are the people i think need to be seen.<br/><br/>you NEED the shoes.<br/>hell, i need the shoes!

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