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The Stuff We Keep or My Weekend In Pictures

May 7, 2007

This weekend started Friday night with a burn up to Homebase (as that was the only place to turn round) and back again in a Caterham 7 racing car (not mine I hasten to add). The pipsqueak was allowed to go for a pre-bedtime treat – in his pyjamas and parka (and teddy of course as he wouldn’t want to miss it). Check the excitement on his face.


Due to impending sanding of floors tomorrow – Saturday was spent clearing out a disgraceful amount of ‘stuff’ that had accumulated over the last couple of years behind the sofa in Reception 1. Here is a selection (I promise you the handcuffs are from my son’s ELC Policeman outfit – he’s been looking for them apparently).


The rest of my house is really tidy – honest! Then I found this


Despite having the album both on vinyl and cd and forgetting that ‘home-taping is killing music!’ I dusted it down and put it on top of some paperbacks on the bookshelf. I should just throw it away but I can’t. Then I found this:


I took these from home when I first moved out at 18. I thought they would come in useful. They are older than me (apparently my mum bought them when she was pregnant – with me) and I can’t quite believe that I have managed to carry them around for so long. I used a couple recently and it’s true – they are rust-free! Then I found this:


A painting I did at school in preparation for O Level Art. I seem to remember that it was based on an existing painting by a Dutch artist but the task was to re-interpreted it with different colours to form shape and texture. I can’t quite believe I did this age 15 and it made me realise that I’m not as creative as I would like to be anymore. Then I found some money and put it here:


I must bag it up and take it to the bank. And use a perfectly good bowl for something other than loose change! Then I found this:


This is a photo-montage I made and cut up and pasted down as part of a first year Degree project. I was 19 at the time and the project was to document a ‘traumatic event’ in your life. Incredible that the tutors got away with it to be honest although everything always seemed to have a Freudian interpretation I seem to recall – it was the politicised Red Wedged mid-80’s after all!. The only thing I could think of documenting was the time I feigned illness and bunked off school aged about 14/15. On my way home I was waiting on the platform at Sloane Square and witnessed a woman jump in front of the train as it came in on the opposite platform. It was awful and I remember putting my hand out and shouting ‘no!’. The next thing I remember is having to lean against the clammy municipal station tiles and watch the frantic driver shouting ‘suicide’ ‘suicide’. In my shock I thought he was shouting ‘silverside’ and got really confused. It was good to do this montage as I had to return to the station and the exact spot from where I saw everything happen and take the photo’s from my perspective at the time. In some way it was quite cathartic. I have never forgotten what the woman looked like or was wearing – a black and purple two-piece with a light brown suede bag. Sad. Even to this day I find myself looking away or down at my toes when trains are coming into a station. Then I found this:


A poster for a 3 min film I made as part of my degree as above. I can’t remember what the film was about at all. The actor was Kevin. He worked at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington. I used him for photo shoots too – he became a kind of muse. He was really gregarious and funny and nothing like his hard image. We fell out of touch (as you do when you are only 19/20). I always wondered what became of Kevin. And then I found this:


An original Class War ‘Bash The Rich’ poster which isn’t in great condition as it had previously been set fire to! I bought it off an ex-punk band member on ebay for a fiver. The same person I bought an original Banksy Neighbourhood Watch sticker which incidentally I can’t find at the moment….no doubt it will turn up.

And that’s it. A tour around the nonsense that I keep. Happy Bank Holiday everyone.

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  1. the whales permalink

    Brilliant!<br/><br/>I’m terrible at keeping stuff. Whenever i move i throw things away left, right and centre. Now i wish i hadn’t

  2. rockmother permalink

    Whalester – cheers the Whales. How’s life? Better for you I hope. I’ve thrown away lots but obviously still have remants. Perhaps the next post will be things I used to have and wished I hadn’t thrown away.

  3. the whales permalink

    Life’s had its moments. Just last week i managed to forget it was my 40th due to having a shocking day the day before. More about that some other time

  4. rockmother permalink

    Whales – oh dear, that’s not good. You will just have to delay and celebrate it all properly on your 41st. A similar thing happened to me last year although I decided to start going slightly backwards to make myself feel better. I’ll fess up when I’m too craggy and toothless to get away with it anymore.

  5. Arabella permalink

    Oh the Pipsqueak’s hair! So beautiful.

  6. Geoff permalink

    We once did an organised tour of Scumbagland, although I think it was described as "An Historical and Architectural Tour of Hampstead".<br/><br/>Lovely post, Romo!

  7. Istvanski permalink

    Looks like Son of RoMo had an excellent time in the sports car judging by that pleased grin on his face. What a cutie-pie!<br/><br/>Was that an art degree you did? Those collages are top notch as is your expressionist painting. Good use of colour – you should get back into doing more of that stuff.<br/><br/>I recall my mum having loads of those snap fasteners at various different locations around the home. Same kind of packaging aswell.<br/><br/>Train suicides – nasty incidents when they happen in real life. I’m hoping a colleague at work will fake a train suicide for me – the idea being to get one of those rubber dolls filled with tomato ketchup and just chucked at a strategic point under my train. I should get a month off work for convalescing purposes.

  8. First Nations permalink

    you find cool things! i find labels off chew cans and mummified bananas.<br/>i really like the photomontage. what a hell of a thing to have to see… and even more so, to have to go back and document.<br/><br/>of course you realize tht nobody believes your ‘only a toy’ explaination.

  9. mimi buzzard permalink

    How cool is your house! It’s sounds like a den of forgotten treasures. It’s nice to find things from the past and it’s amazing what we keep and all the emotions and memories we attach to the weirdest/most random objects.<br/><br/>Also i must say that your little boy looks so sweet!

  10. Annie permalink

    Interesting post! Lots of stuff in there… <br/><br/>I agree with everyone, pipsqueak is gorgeous. (Though blaming the handcuffs on him is pretty low, RoMo…)<br/><br/>And you are a v talented artist. Though what a terrible thing to have witnessed on the tube, I’ll think twice next time I’m tutting because my train is delayed by a ‘person under a train’…

  11. rockmother permalink

    Arabella – yes – it’s quite out of control his hair. The teacher asked me ‘to do something with it’ last week and gestured to his head and said ‘I mean, LOOK!’ And agreeably it looked like it had a mind and ecosystem of it’s own but I had already brushed it twice that morning. He is the spitting image of his Great Grandfather which makes us all very happy.<br/><br/>Geoffster- It’s so Young Ones isn’t it – scumbagland? Glad you enjoyed the post.<br/><br/>Ister – Yes – Son Of Romo said he had to lie down with a biscuit and watch a fix of Tom and Jerry afterwards as his legs went as wobbly as a jelly. I didn’t do an art degree – I did a degree in Film but with Photography in the first year. I didn’t do art after O Level. Thank you for your encouraging comments – I would like to paint or do something artistic again one day. As for train suicides – I hope you never get one for real. It must be awful.<br/><br/>Her Firstnness – well, I did find a half-eaten apple courtesy of my darling flame-haired son under my bed today. And I swear on my mother’s life that they are my son’s handcuffs. <br/><br/>Mimi B – thanks – I don’t feel very cool – just a hoarder that hides mess rather well!! I know what you mean though – I quickly scanned the post before I printed it and realised that alot of what I had saved and found was quite emotional stuff – or had emotional attachment to it at different periods of my life.<br/><br/>Slammers – ah, thank you – yes Pipsqueak de Romo is gorgeous but don’t be fooled by his photogenic charms! He called me a dweeb last week and had three secret yoghurts in a row without asking and hid the wrappers behind the telly – I was most put out!! Re: art – aww I am blushing. Thank you xxx

  12. Simon Hilton permalink

    Lady Breakers have more fun??? Whatever next! I LOVE the artwork with the hands. LOVE IT.

  13. Clair permalink

    It all rocks. But your son…..ohhhh…so handsome he brought a tear to my eye!

  14. Istvanski permalink

    I think he’s got that same cheeky grin as the Rosterissimo herself.

  15. rockmother permalink

    Simon Hilton International – didn’t you know? I am a championship Lady Breakdancer and they really do have more fun! Thank you for kind compliment re: photomontage x<br/><br/>Clair – why thank you. Goodness such compliments re: the little ferret (also has been referred to as ‘the ginger whinger’ on occasion!!<br/><br/>Ister – of course – he is SOOO his mother’s son! Current favourite on the school run is Buzzcocks "What Do I Get’.x

  16. savannah permalink

    absolutely gorgeous child..and i LOVE his wild hair! i think tomorrow i’ll do a bit of a clean up around here…i might find a few missing items…

  17. rockmother permalink

    Savannah – aaah thank you – yes he is gorgeous and I wish I could shrinkwrap him so he stays just like he is forever! I don’t want him to grow up and have to face the perils of real life!! Have a happy tidy.x

  18. rivergirlie permalink

    why is your stuff so much more interesting than mine?

  19. Billy permalink

    Wow, that is a fantastic treasury of stuff. I especially like the painting.

  20. Pod permalink

    what a cheeky cute son you have! i am taking inspiration and going to work in my jim-jams and parker today too. i can’t bring myself to throw away any of my old tapes. last night i dreamt i was in woolies and there were loads of old madonna singles for 1p

  21. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirlie – goodness – I am sure your stuff is interesting too x<br/><br/>Billy – thank you Billster – and glad you like the painting<br/><br/>Poddle – oh I’m so glad – we should all work in our jama’s more often I think. Re: the ferret – yes, he is quite the little cheeksqeauk I can assure you. I’ve kept all my old cassettes – I should put a few little selections on my next podcast shouldn’t I? x

  22. llewtrah permalink

    Fascinating collection, especially the artwork.

  23. rockmother permalink

    Llewtrah – thanks dear xx

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