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Wax Cylinder Heaven

May 13, 2007

Quick. Stop watching crap telly, listening to second-rate overpaid DJ’s on the radio, put your knitting down and go here instead. It’s brilliant and while you are there say Happy Birthday to Istvanski. He is one today.


‘Better than horse’ R Swipe Esq
‘Did a Woopsy I laughed so much’ Mr Howeser
‘Dropped me specs, couldn’t hear. What?’ Olive from On the Buses
‘Split my favourite t-shirt moshing to Chas n Dave’ The Rockmother
‘Spilled the port on me strides it was so good’ Jif
‘Dropped the sugarbowl from too much dancing’ Miss Shugah Savannah
‘Got lost in my own personal Bermuda Triangle’ The Right Hon Dick Headley

Happy Birthday Ister x

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    Oh yes…Scumbag College (or was that KCFE?).<br/>Lovely clip, very apt.x

  2. Istvanski permalink

    PS – I nearly forgot! It’s your 3rd birthday today, isn’t it?!?<br/><br/>Here, have a bottle of finest French vino on me to celebrate!

  3. rockmother permalink

    Ister – Young Ones got it all on vhs (jesus – what’s that?) – I must update them to dvd.<br/>Yes – it’s my 3rd birthday – see the next post. Name That Tune and you get a free Romo Rock T-shirt calendar! A bit like Rockstars In Their Underpants but the other end. Glug glug glug – mmn – thanks. Just what I needed. XX

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