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It’s A Family Affair

August 6, 2007

For goodness sake – shall I just introduce you all to my family? Not only has my father decided to jump on the blogpony but his darling partner Lorrie has too – you can catch her blog here – it is very incisive and witty and has a great title. Oh and you can find my brothers on munterspace here and here. Be nice. See you all in two weeks although I might post in the interim as I have to take the computer on holiday to monitor joint account expenditure (please don’t ask). Besos pop-pickers. xx

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  1. First Nations permalink

    you do this to me EVERY. TIME.<br/>you say ‘oh, i’m not going to be around!’ and so i say ‘fine, i’ll just skip over then’ so i do and then you’re all like ‘oo, here i am with fifty posts and they’re all really interesting! and i’m all like’ wow, i feel like a giant dork beast now and she probably thinks im stuck up or something’ and then i get all bummed out and shit.<br/><br/>sending you psionic sisterhood is powerful waves of encouragement:<br/>*mmmmmmmMMMMMNNNNNNnnnnoooooooo*<br/><br/>the bullshit and the suck WILL be over. i promise.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Your Firstness – oh I know – I am beginning to annoy myself I can assure you! But at least people have got something to look at while I am away. Re: bullshit – yes it will be over (I fear the worst is yet to come)and it’s just the most horrible thing going through it – I would rather put two pens on the desk and headbutt them very hard all day than keep going. My days currently veer between feeling like shit and feeling like Boadicea/Xena Princess Warrior/She-Ra xxx

  3. Annie permalink

    Glad you’re going away on holiday but – oh no! Two weeks! Whatever shall we do without you?

  4. My what a talented family you have rockamomma. So many blogs so little time.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Annie – no fear! I might well be blogging from Portugal seeing as I can’t really go out of an evening and the hotel has internet access from my room! I am currently availing myself of the facility and quite proud of myself as Blogger has gone all Portugese so guessing post/comment/edit by colour rather than language. x<br/><br/>Dickley – talented all in their own special way of course

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Fantastic! So when’s your mum and Squidget gonna start blogging?

  7. savannah permalink

    *big hugs* just because..i miss you, sugar!

  8. llewtrah permalink

    My father has enought toruble trying to read his email. He still doesn’t know what a blog is (every time he hears the word he asks then promptly forgets). My sisters and bros-in-law are computerate to varying degrees but just not interested.

  9. Annie permalink

    I hope you’re having a lovely time and getting a break… I thought of you when I read recently that Poly Styrene is going to play some gigs in the near future… is it a date?<br/><br/>xxx

  10. rockmother permalink

    Annie – yes it certainly is! Going back to the pool now – and might do a bit of beach later. Yaaawn. xx

  11. Junk Thief permalink

    So, are you saying the Sly is a Redgrave? You know, sometimes when I look at Natasha, I get a real "Everyday People"/"Everybody Is a Star" vibe. I think Sly grew up in Devonshire, though.

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