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Cardinal Rule Broken

August 17, 2007

Yes – I am blogging from holiday – I have broken my cardinal rule but to quote Sting – I am ‘sending out an SOS’. Before my beloved readmylipsaresealed gives up due to a technical hitch – if any of you have any time could you please click here and see if you can help her with a rather infuriating blogger issue? Otherwise she will be permanently condemned to a life of permanent painful martyrdom (see above) which simply won’t do.

As for the holiday – the piri piri is hot, the sun is scorching, the waves are big, the streets in the shade are cool, the driving is fast, and the pool is bliss.

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  1. First Nations permalink

    AHA! FIRST! I AM FIRST!<br/>AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!<br/><br/><br/>where are you? what is piripiri? is it dangerous? enquiring minds want to know.

  2. Annie permalink


  3. rockmother permalink

    Firsty Firstness – she is the first one! she is the first one! Piri Piri is a hot chili and I’m in Southern Portugal wave jumping x<br/><br/>PS: Piri piri might be dangerous if you rubbed it in your eyes but other than that it’s delicious and hot hot hot<br/><br/>Annie – xx

  4. savannah permalink

    *hugs* come see the pics from cali!!!

  5. Istvanski permalink

    Where exactly is it written "Thou shalt not blog whilst on holiday"?<br/><br/>As long as you’re not blogging on a Sabbath, then you’ll be alright.

  6. llewtrah permalink

    Doesn’t a holiday also mean a holiday from blogging?<br/><br/>Piri piri is yummers.

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