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Behold Children Do Not Be Afraid

August 22, 2007

Do not turn your backs and howl. Do not run away and put your head in a bucket of sand. Do not despair when Blogger turns your life into a big mush! Ladies and Gentlemen – feteaccompli has been re-born – the new version has risen and life in my father’s house has returned to normal. A hyphen was duly added and now all is well. You can find it here:

Back from my hols but not feeling inclined to blog about it just now as am still reeling in shock at how disgustingly ugly and filthy London is – and especially how rude everyone is at Heathrow. Was most disappointed that I didn’t catch a glimpse of the protestors – I might go down tomorrow before they all pack up. Toodlepip for now (that’s if anyone actually reads this anymore)..will be back on my blogging horse later this week or tomorrow – once I sift throught the myriad of photo’s I could possibly post up without boring or shocking anyone to tears.

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  1. JDA permalink

    glad to see you’re back safely with a wealth of holiday experience under your belt…yes London is pretty shitty isn’t it.<br/><br/>Look forward to some bikini pics!!!

  2. Istvanski permalink

    Perve.<br/><br/>But yes, put those pics up now!

  3. Betty permalink

    It’s so depressing when you’re travelling back from somewhere beautiful and sundrenched, and, as your plane approaches the airport, the pilot announces "the temperature in London is around 15 degrees centrigrade, there’s low cloud and persistent rain".<br/><br/>Still, um, glad that you’re back.

  4. Geoff permalink

    Welcome back to a London that’s forgotten the sun ever existed.<br/><br/>Still, mustn’t grumble.

  5. You’re back safely. That’s good. Any old photos will do.

  6. Simon Hilton permalink

    Holiday has obviously gone to head as have used ‘myriad’ improperly and inherited a superfluous ‘of’.<br/>Which should never be at the end of a sentence either.<br/>See me as soon as possible for immediate trepanation and hypodermic lager.<br/>The complaints department is ready and waiting.<br/>Welcome home. <br/>xxxx<br/>PS its grimmer oop north

  7. Billy permalink

    Welcome back. Yes the weather is shitty, but it’ll soon be autumn and the weather will be even shittier.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Jifster – <br/>thank you<br/>yes<br/>no!<br/><br/>Ister – <br/>yes<br/>no!<br/><br/>Betty – yes – that is exactly what the pilot said as we dipped rather alarmingly left and then right into the wind…<br/><br/>Geoff – I’ve already told a teenager to piss off after giving me ‘evils’ by the milk cabinet in Tesco’s as he seemed to think I was in his way – oh happy ex-holiday joy<br/><br/>Dickley – yes back back back. Will post up at random at some point soon.<br/><br/>Shilton International – crikey – the gauntlet and the toys have well and truly been thrown – my complaints dept will now be open 24 hrs until we meet. What do you mean ‘of’? Sort of like whatevvah innit of? x PS: and I like the word myriad – why can’t I use it to describe a plethora of photographs? Shut up SHUT UP! ;-)<br/><br/>Billy – hello Billster – how are you? Yes – we all have autumnal shitty skiddy leaves to slip on and moan about soon – hurray!

  9. JDA permalink

    Spoil sport.

  10. Howesy permalink

    G’day RoMo, couldn’t agree more re: London and shit. Got back late last night from 3 weeks away.<br/>For Heathrow, read Gatwick, but much the same.<br/>By the way, It’s not bikini pics we want, we want to see a "classic rock’n’roll t-shirt worn while swimming pic".<br/>;o)

  11. JDA permalink


  12. rockmother permalink

    Jif and Howeser – well – funny you should say that as Mr Shilton International ( and general alter ego) has been on a few work trips lately and keeps bringing me back rock t-shirts ‘for the calendar’. Ooo-er. As soon as I get my mojo back I might post…if you are all good.

  13. Howesy permalink

    We promise, we promise, bestest ever behaviour, honest…

  14. JDA permalink

    Remember ‘precious pup’ in the "wacky races" well I’m kissing all along your forearm like he used to do!….best pup behaviour.

  15. savannah permalink

    *hugs* just because

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