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Shameless Self-Promotion

December 1, 2007

And why not I ask myself?
I have recently finished producing most of From the Basement – a new music series which is starting on Sky Arts at 21:00 GMT tonight and after that will be going on a little world channel tour – Rave HD in the US and Japan amongst others. If you like beautifully shot band-led music shows, no audience, no presenter, no interviews, no rehearsal with top production team and all mixed live by famous record producer Nigel Godrich then this is for you. It’s better than Abbey Road, the Live Lounge or even dare I say it Later….

You can check all the shows and view previews of each show/artist on our website here.
And if you like it enough – you can even subscribe!

New series coming out next year.

Any comments and feedback gratefully received. And if anyone loves it that much I may start running a competition on here to win a visit to the set on the next series in the New Year!

Here is a sneak preview of Beck – one of my favourite shows.

Sayonara pop-pickers!

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    Those web clips look very well filmed. Blessed are the Sky+ owners, for they shall inherit good quality music "no bullshit" programmes. And sport.

  2. paddy permalink

    That’s me out up here in the frozen north, unless I get the nod to flog the shows to Finish TV.<br/>Good luck with the show, I hope it goes down well.<br/>Hey, if you need a sweeper I’m your man. I’m an artist with a brush, in fact I’m versitile (nothing to do with sexual role play), I can handle a squeegy/squilgee with such deft you wouldn’t believe.<br/>I’m good with a straw too if need be, and there’s no need to supply a mask;-);-)<br/>Break a leg!

  3. Geoff permalink

    Have put it on "Series Link". <br/><br/>HOOTENANNY!

  4. Annie permalink

    Ooh, fab. I wish I had Sky Arts. I love Beck, though he seems fairly odd.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Ister – Cheers. Yes – we’ve got top dir and top camera boys. Thank you.<br/><br/>Padster – cheers – not a straw in the Miss Nicks way I hope Padster?!<br/><br/>Geoff – we know it’s good as Later with Jools have started telling artists that they have to do Later with.. not ours and if they have already been shot by us the bastards book them and air them first like Laura Marling for example – really annoying but flattering too I suppose.<br/><br/>Annie – yes – the irony is I won’t be watching it either as I don’t have Sky! Mind you – I’ve lived it for the last 9 months and have toiled many hours over it. Yes – Beck is great but a scientologist and odd. He does that looking jsut past your left shoulder thing when he is talking to you which makes you think he is talking to someone behind you instead. Most disconcerting. And he has a personal chef (who was shall we say allegedy chopping up lines of coke for the horrible nasty arrogant aggressive roadies in the BBC kitchen). Ooops – did I say that??! They were so rude – that was the most disappointing thing as the band, Beck and his music were fantastic.

  6. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    How much does Beck rock? Let me count the ways. <br/><br/>Popped by the site, watched the clips and now I’m extremely annoyed. Why do good things happen to Sky subscribers? Arse.<br/><br/>Good job RM. Good job indeed.

  7. rivergirlie permalink

    Well! and well again! (look – i’m so gobsmacked i even did a capital letter!!!!<br/>i know you’d been working ever so hard, but that totally makes it worth it. it will go out to the skyless masses eventually, won’t it?<br/>(have you changed your settings – or has blasted blogger done it to you? – cos i can’t sign in with my wp acc)

  8. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirlie – hello – no blogger is just being an arse today. It wouldn’t let me comment for at least 20 attempts. Glad you liked to clips.

  9. J.Holland permalink

    Who is this rockmother? Sign her up immediately.

  10. Clair permalink

    Way coool, RoMo! If only I could afford Sky…I cannot abide stuff like Channel 4’s music shows, which are as much about their lame-brain presenters as the real talent.

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