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Eat Your Heart Out Amy!

November 22, 2007

Wait until Barry gets to town!


Perhaps it is for his ‘arthritis’?


Maybe Barry’s been influenced by the wild-child behaviour of younger musicians – and in particular Britney Spears who he recently defended or possibly scored off earlier in the evening.

Empathetic Manilow joined the chorus of celebrities rooting for the troubled singer. He said he was “heartbroken” by her current troubles, because the pop superstar’s new album proves she has real talent.

Go on Barry – we love you. Let’s hope the Manager of the Las Vegas Hilton didn’t notice..

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  1. I’ll be buggered…good one rockmum. Mind you the manager of the Vegas Hilton probably enjoys a toke himself. And Barry knows his adoring fans will blame photoshop.

  2. Istvanski permalink

    Don’t bogart that spliff, Bazza.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Blowback anyone?

  4. paddy permalink

    Blowback, god I’ve not heard that in years. I used to give them and get them, and none of us knew then nor do I know now – a bit like flair trousers – the fuck why.<br/>I guess in my day bongs were for intellectuals, it was just a bell to me.<br/>I was a bit of a Cheech and Chong Irish style – thicker in other words. Ha!!<br/>Love you Mum.

  5. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    As Sure As I’m Standing Here, Barry’s Just Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again. Could It Be Magic? All The Time.<br/><br/>This One’s For You, RockMandy.<br/><br/>Had to shoe-horn that last one in but it Looks Like We Made It.<br/><br/>I’m sure there’s something more productive I could be doing.

  6. llewtrah permalink

    Barry Mani-blow?

  7. Betty permalink

    I would’ve thought that Barry’s drug use was common knowledge considering the titles of a couple of his songs …<br/><br/>Mandies<br/><br/>I Smoke The Bong And Make The Whole World Sing

  8. Howesy permalink

    It’s cheaper for him to smoke. Imagine the expense with a nose that size?

  9. rockmother permalink

    Padster – I used to have a friend at college c. 1982 called Hot Knives Jenny. Ha ha. I miss those warm fluffy days.<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Trooster – he is in his own personal copacabana – good on him<br/><br/>Llewtrah – yes! funny Llewtrah!<br/><br/>Bettster – yes – Weekend In New Engald (scoring crack off Britters) la la la doobie dooba dooo<br/><br/>Howester – yes – he would certainly snort Amy off the table that’s for sure (and Sophie Anderton by the looks of it!)

  10. tony permalink

    whats a nice joint like you doing in a bloke like this?

  11. rockmother permalink

    Tony – ha ha very good!

  12. rivergirle permalink

    whooooaaaa – did you have to include a closeup of his nose. scary! x

  13. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirlie – yes I did my love! It’s quite a schnozzle isn’t it?

  14. Arabella permalink

    I’m trying to be shocked but the jacket keeps getting in the way.

  15. rockmother permalink

    Darling Arabella – yes! I think he had the jacket run up out of extra left over from when they made the curtains…the pattern and sheen are rather similar

  16. Anonymous permalink

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