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Pray For Me – No Really!

December 15, 2007

Oh no. I’m all sweaty and panicky as I have done something really bad. You really all do need to pray for me and hope that someone else buys the camera that ‘he who snores like a bison’ is currently selling and has 2 hours to go on that famous auction site starting with an e and ending in b a y. I helped him post it up last week and yesterday he had a had a bidder. I checked it last night and bid a pound knowing full well someone else would have set a higher bid on it. Phew. They had. I checked again just now and bid another pound thinking that I would have been outbid. But NO. I AM THE HIGHEST BIDDER. NOOOOOOO. I only did it to help him get a better price and now it has potentially all back-fired. What is worse is that he doesn’t know I have done this.


Ouch, my feet are burning. Hang on – I might just check in case someone has trounced me (please, please) while I am writing this.

Tap. Tap tap-tappity-tap…..

No. Of course – they haven’t. It’s lunch time and it runs out in two hours and everyone will be Christmas shopping and I will be the winner! Aaaaagghhhh.


Behold, lo the baby angels are praying for me and you all must too. I was only trying to help him get a good price and it will be so awful if it all backfires! That will teach me. Right – I can’t take the pressure – I’m off out and when I come back I won’t be the winner. Watch this space. (And think positive thoughts in the meantime please.

UPDATE: So I suppose you all want to know what happened don’t you? I’ll give you a hint.


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  1. Istvanski permalink

    I’ll start praying for you once I’ve stopped laughing. <br/>I KNEW that this kind of thing went on with eBay, but now I know the "perpetraitors"…grrr – haha!

  2. Geoff permalink

    This sort of skullduggery goes on at work, too. <br/><br/>It could have been a lot worse than a camera. There’s probably people out there who’ve bought their own houses.

  3. Annie permalink

    hahaha! You’re so naughty. You’re like that bloke on the E–y Millionaires programme who got so attached to the antiques &amp; curiousities he was selling that he couldn’t bear to let them go after he’d listed them and started to bid for them himself. (He got locked out of his E–y account for this naughtiness.)

  4. sean permalink

    When you’re lookin’ for prayers you’ve had it, I know that for sure- I’ve tried them, they never work.<br/>In-fact it was through prayer I discovered I am God, yes!<br/>Everytime I preyed, and I prayed, and I prayed, and fuck it, I sussed it out, I realised, I was just talkin’ to me-self. <br/>Anyway! <br/>Mum you tried your best; fair play to you.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Ister – oh go on – laugh away! I had to leave the house because I couldn’t bear the tension of waiting – like an X-Factor final!!<br/><br/>Geoff – oh god – can you imagine? How awful.<br/><br/>Annie – I’m not THAT bad. It wasn’t my own item – I was only trying to help bisonsnorer get a better price for his camera. Thankfully – it went for double my last bid. You have no idea how relieved I was to find out I was not the lucky winner!<br/><br/>Seanster – I think it was just another form of couldn’t-help-it gambling let’s-just-try it I-love-the-rush slight love of gambling feeling. Ha! I am so lucky. I am. I limit myself to gambling only twice a year – the Grand National and Cheltenham. I win most years – I always go for Irish trainers – can’t go wrong in my book(ie). Anyway, I digress. I wouldn’t do it again though – it was too nervewracking. I would much rather play roulette – for hard cash! That would be much more fun.

  6. sean permalink

    The Grand National – such words – especially after ??amon de Valera, (the bollix) we knew we were all fucked when he came to power- I bet you never knew he was the first American president we had, and not many are aware of that, and …….. hang on – yes, a pint and a small Jemeson – where was I, the what, ah yes, the National. <br/>I remember as a family we alway put at least a shillin’ on to win- the auld pin in the horse list trick, and win we did (never mind the times we lost) I remember a win of a 100 shillings, not a bad turnover back then let me tell you, but I gave it all up; bad for you pocket.(the same again and make it a double will ya) <br/>I better go Mum me head is startin’ to spin, must be your mention of roulette or somethin’.<br/>Have a great Sat. night, sure your only startin’ over there, when we’re two hours ahead.<br/>Cheers!!!

  7. rockmother permalink

    Seanster – 100 shillings – woo – exciting. Oh yes – it’s all go here sitting in on a Saturday night half-cooking and blogging!

  8. Pod permalink

    you interfering dogooding busybody!<br/>tee hee<br/>thanks for doggy love<br/>hope you haven’t got burnt little tootsies, like my currently slightly singed botty<br/>:0/

  9. JDA permalink

    Christmas is coming!<br/><br/>ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!<br/><br/>smeg! hehehee

  10. rockmother permalink

    Podster – singed botty – I won’t ask or pry! As for doggy love – the pleasure was all mine! ;-O<br/><br/>Jifster -well well well – where the bloody hell have you been? Yes – Christmas – yuck.

  11. JDA permalink

    Oooo.. been a bit busy you know? life stuff I guess, I am now back at work doing light duties whatever that means?<br/><br/>time time time time….if only I had more.<br/><br/>why can’t they increase the hours of the day to 36?……all they would need to do is slow the earth down a bit? hehehe

  12. Merry Christmas rockmum….I thought I’d beat the rush. Dickley.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Jifster – I read an interview with Bruce Forsyth in The Guardian at the weekend and I felt rather dismayed when he said that the last 25 years had gone by in a blur, faster than ever. I’m only 41 (or 39 on Munterspace!) and am suddenly panicking – what am I going to be doing at his age?! Hopefully still playing The Ace of Spades really loudly. <br/><br/>Dickley – Happy Christmas too – bloody hell it is nearly 2008. Where did all the time go?

  14. rivergirlie permalink

    you should have emailed – i’d have bid on it. i’m craaayyyyzzzeeee that way! x

  15. Howesy permalink

    That’s a sticky old game to play RoMo!<br/>Maybe you should have got one of those Virgin Mary money boxes to pray to, you never know…<br/><br/>… or maybe you do.

  16. JDA permalink

    Hey!! that is sooooo true..<br/><br/>One thing I [do] now is that the older you get the more time flies! this year has just gone ziiiip, hello 2008.<br/><br/>Oh…..and smeg!

  17. JDA permalink

    and……consider yourself slapped on the wrist for the inflated bidding technique!<br/><br/>naughty romo!!!!

  18. sean permalink

    Life begins at 40 for goodness sake- that’s what they told me. I’ll only see the number on a hall door.<br/>One more week to go boys and girls I hope you were all good, if not at least together ((((with all the lumps of coal))) you can burn a big fire and drink mulled wine, and lament.<br/>Ho ho ho, hee he!

  19. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirie – damn..if only I’d known! Mind you – I’m never doing that again – ghastly.<br/><br/>Howeser – could have done with a Bloody Mary more like! I repent I repent.<br/><br/>Jifster – whiiiiizz bang oh look – it’s a whole year over….again…anybody bidding for the Grecian 2000 on ebay? ;-)<br/><br/>Seanster – so true so true – mmmm…mulled wine…yum

  20. laurie permalink

    i’m laughing! that was a close one. now he owes you two pounds. but he doesn’t know it….

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