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Happy Christmas from Mother of Rock and Squidget

December 24, 2007

Here is a little Christmas card to you all. Have a lovely time won’t you? I have to say I am mortally bored of it already. No doubt there will be much posting and a possible podcast over Christmas as a result. Press HERE for festive revelry courtesy of I and Squidget Son of The Mother Of All Things Rock. Press HERE for my podcast Listen With Rockmother archive – remember to vote pop-pickers – I am still hovering in the Top 50 chart!.


Tara for now x

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    If I do a dance like that on Boxing Day, will it help shift my excess Christmas weight that I’ve put on over the holidays?

  2. sean permalink

    I’ll never be the same again after listening to that voice. Jes, Merja will be replaced by just a voice. I’ll never forgive you.<br/>Very cool!

  3. Annie permalink

    tee hee! you and Squidget are very cool dancers. <br/><br/>Happy Christmas, dearest RoMo xxx

  4. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    RM. I’m concerned by that thing that your dancing elf does towards the end. <br/><br/>That hip-thrusting thing. <br/><br/>Elves shouldn’t do that. <br/><br/>That aside, as I probably won’t visit again before the big day, have a great Christmas RM. Ho ho ho and all that.

  5. Betty permalink

    Ha! Good way to let off steam caused by all the festive stress. Don’t think I’ll be having a go myself though: I just haven’t got the legs to carry off wearing stripy tights.<br/><br/>Have a good Christmas RoMo.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Ister – yes – but you have to do it for 24hrs nonstop and those backward jumps really hurt your knees. Did you like my Captain Sensible sunglasses?<br/><br/>Seanster – what voice? Oooh – podcast? Why thank you Seanster – you are far too kind. <br/><br/>Annie – we have been practising for weeks! Happy Christmas and call me if you need to. I’ll be calling for cinema/exhibition respite I am sure! xxx<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Trooserster – have a great Christmas Jimster and drink as much as you can – you know it is the only way forward…<br/><br/>Bettster – those stripy tights are a bugger to get on I can tell you! Have a splendid time Betty and hope the wrist is better now xx

  7. Geoff permalink

    I’ll get elf and safety onto you two!<br/><br/>Have a good one, Romo.

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