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Christmas Eve Chez Romo Towers

December 25, 2007

Well it doesn’t get much better than this: am currently wearing my new t-shirt


It says ROCK ON DOWN in blue glittery lettering. The Squidget is roller skating up and down the house in these


vintage late 70’s Roller Riders – they are 4 sizes too big for him but…what the heck! Meanwhile – I am slurping fine red wine and roastng an organic chicken and listening to Barry from Tolworth request Turn It on Again by Phil Collins/Genesis on South West London’s finest radio station Radio Jackie!

DJ Bernie Simmons is up next!


Any requests? I might ring in and ask for Cher’s “If I Can Turn Back Time”.

Happy Christmas everybody.

Romoster of Ro xx

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  1. Betty permalink

    What a coincidence! I’m chilling out in a bubblegum pink polyester velvet tracksuit with food stains down the front and white imitation Uggs (four quid from Dartford market).<br/><br/>I’d like Bernie to play I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner because it reminds me of being groped by that waiter in Magaluf in 1985.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Bettster – bloody hell – go on – call up. I salute you! xx

  3. Bock the Robber permalink

    Nollaig faoi sh??an is faoi mhaise duit.

  4. Istvanski permalink

    Est?? muy extra??o ese Mr. Howesy no visitado usted a??n con ese primero foto. Quiz?? ??l est?? enfermo?

  5. sean permalink

    I’ll have a Waldorf salad, and watch me toes with those wheels will ya.<br/>I’ve burnt myself, and the chicken, (over did it on the Dexy’s, ("Come On Eileen") I’ve been mid-night runnin’ for the last few nights- worn out trying to keep up) I’m down to the ham- I’ll have to slow down and watch it cook- carefully. <br/>It’s 7.40 Christmas morning, but I think I have a glass of red too, why not.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Bockster – I’m going to have to get the dictionary out for that one!<br/><br/>Ister – I think I get the gist? Is it a shame Howesey hasn’t been to see the photo? Don’t worry I am sure he will when I put it on munterspace! I need a dictionary for the rest.<br/><br/>Seanster – good on you. I’m having a real strong coffee with a bucks fizz chaser! And I don’t mean the band! Cheers.

  7. llewtrah permalink

    Season’s Greetings! Fraid I’m slobbing in a non-trendy sweatshirt. I never could get the hang of rollerskates, I have enough trouble walking upright sometimes.

  8. Bones festes as they say in Catalonia. Doesn’t sound very nice really but they mean well.

  9. savannah permalink

    *hugs&amp;kisses* from the MITM &amp; me, sugar! the best now &amp; always :-)<br/><br/><i>loved</i> the podcast!

  10. Wavey... er... who am I again? permalink

    Christmas! Bugger, I knew I’d forgotten something, no wonder the office was locked.

  11. Howesy permalink

    Rest assured, I’ve seen the photo!<br/>And we thank you for it…<br/>Hope Christmas was good, as for me, had to bury a cat…<br/>which wasn’t very nice…<br/>and yes, it was dead, before anyone asks.

  12. rockmother permalink

    Llewtrah – Happy Christmas and a good New Year to you Llewtrah. Rollerskates – no – me neither!<br/><br/>Dickley – Happy New Year to you<br/><br/>Savmarshmama – hugs and kisses back and I’ll hold you to that drink next year!<br/><br/>Wavester of Davester – Christmas – pah! I hear you are in Hong Kong! xx<br/><br/>Howeser – oh dear about the cat – glad you like the new ‘December’ t-shirt.

  13. Alda permalink

    A bit late – but merry belated Christmas and a very happy new year!

  14. sean permalink

    Just thought I’d even it up (don’t like No. 13)<br/>Happy New Year Darling to you and yours. Not far away now- the bells will be ringing it in;-)

  15. rockmother permalink

    Oh no – it’s odd again – not now though (I’m not mad I promise).

  16. rockmother permalink

    Alda – yes and to you too! x<br/><br/>Seanster – that’s so funny – I was going to comment as I can’t so odd numbers – but you beat me to it. Hurray for OCD and 2008! xx

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