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Two Things Times Two

January 27, 2008

Two things I find it impossible to do:
(a) walk slowly
(b) walk and read at the same time

Point (b) was inspired by being stuck behind a woman on the tube veering worryingly on the platform because she was reading and walking at the same time last week.


(some of my vintage Ladybird book collection)

Two questions:

(a) what is your preferred method of reading?
(b) what are the two things you can’t do?

And one extra question that has been bugging me all week – do they recycle all the mounds of Metro’s and London Lite’s that are strewn around the tube each day and make them into new ones or is there a big papier mache ball factory somewhere?



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  1. Annie permalink

    a) I like reading in the bath, and in bed. Prefer listening to music on the tube. <br/><br/>b) Can’t ride a bike. Or drive. I make a useless grownup.

  2. Geoff permalink

    I have to read books without musical accompaniment. Although I can read blogs and newspapers and listen to music.<br/><br/>Nobody walks and reads around here. We’re all too busy avoiding the dog shit.

  3. Billy permalink

    Oh I can’t read in the bath, I’m paranoid I’ll drop the book.<br/><br/>I can read with musical accompaniment though.

  4. Betty permalink

    I’m a useless grownup who can’t drive as well. Mind you, I can read just about anywhere. Are the two things linked?<br/><br/>I don’t know if the Metros and London Lites are recycled, but all the showbiz stories and letters are sent away to a big factory to be recycled and used again a few days later.

  5. sean permalink

    Haven’t read a book in years, but when I read I must have a comfortable chair; pleanty of light, and absolutely nobody to disturb me.<br/>Two things- Jes, there must be hundreds.<br/>1.Pick my nose and ride a bike (hitting a bump is murder).<br/>2. Sing a melody, while there is the slightest bit of background music/song on the radio.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Preferred method of reading would be on a sun lounger in the Maldives, with a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail.<br/><br/>Can’t do:<br/>1. Read whilst being driven in a car sitting in the front seat – for some reason it makes me feel nauseous.<br/>2. Play drums.

  7. Arabella permalink

    I like to read books with my feet up. Has to be quiet.<br/>Can’t swing-dance and talk at the same time.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Annie – yep – reading in the bath and in bed are my favourites. <br/><br/>Geoff – I agree – I am the same. Blogs and newspapers no problem but I can’t even read on the tube if it is too noisy<br/><br/>Billy – I went through a phase of reading in the bath and kept getting the bottom third of all the pages wet<br/><br/>Betty – yes – all those recycled texts: To the Roland Orzabal look a like on the platform at South Woodford last week. You winked I smiled. Kicking myself now. Fancy a hot beverage sometime? Give me a shout (it all out!) <br/><br/>Seanster – oh I absolutely concur – comfort, light, no noise re: reading although I am quite skillful at singing a melody if I can hear a bit of music in the background but only if it isn’t blaring out<br/><br/>Ister – oh god – reading in a car is instant spew for me too and playing drums too – too much coordination

  9. rockmother permalink

    Arabellakins – ooh sorry – our paths must have crossed in the cyber-ether.<br/><br/>Yes – quiet reading on the whole is the only way forward<br/><br/>dancing and talking is quite difficult I agree – shuffling and talking is ok though which is what most people do when they are trying to talk and dance at the same time I have noticed (unless you are The Green Goddess or Crazy Lizzie from the 80”s!)

  10. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Reading: <br/>In my comfy armchair by the sitting-room window on a rainy day. I like occasionally looking at the wet people walking by (not for any mean, sadistic reason – I just like it).<br/><br/>Two things: <br/>Can’t touch my toes without bending my knees. Never saw the point – they bend for a reason. <br/>Can’t tolerate Richard Littlejohn and whatever imagined hobby-horse he may be on at any given time.

  11. FirstNations permalink

    aha! foundja.<br/>reading-i have to have a television programme on that I can ignore but also stand to glance up at once in awhile. reading in a silent house doesn’t work for me; i get freezing cold and startle easy. nobody wants me screaming every time the refrigerator motor kicks on.<br/><br/>things i can’t do at the same time? enjoy the attentions of a gentleman with a dog in the room. CANNOT.

  12. Read in bed. Great way to nod off.<br/><br/>I can’t simultaneously catch up on world events and think of witty comments for rockmum.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Jimmy Mr Pages Troosers – yes – don’t you split in half if you don’t bend your knees? I know what you mean about reading in when it’s wet outside – makes you feel cosy and secure<br/><br/>HRH Firstness – oh no – all pets must be banished! That’s so funny – hope you are ok and not too frazzled by recent (happy) events x<br/><br/>Dickley – yes – I often wake up with the light on and a book on my face! Re: your other comment – I’m glad to see you have got your priorities in the right place! x

  14. llewtrah permalink

    Yay Ladybird books!!<br/><br/>I can’t walk slowly (I can if I try hard, but I get irritated) or walk and read at the same time.<br/><br/>I like to read sitting in bed, preferably with some music playing to drown out distractions. I can’t read in the bath because I am too short-sighted to read without glasses and my glasses steam up in the bath!

  15. Simon Hilton permalink

    Beautiful heartbreaking decay<br/><br/>Flickr: Detroit Public Schools Book Depository/ Roosevelt Warehouse<br/><br/>

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