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Shameful Admission a la Betty and Geoff

February 5, 2008

Cheadle’s finest clog-dancing blogging duo Betty‘n’Geoff started it. I have been mulling it over for weeks – the ten worst guilty pleasures in your record collection. I think I can do better than that – I admit that I own this little shameful little ditty on 7″ vinyl. I bought it with my own money earned working Saturday’s in a self-service supermarket in Barnes (London) called Walton Hassell and Port. It was next to Olympic Studios so we used to get lots of rockers in buying Kraft pasties and Primula spread. I had to wear a nylon gingham housecoat thing that gave me awful static. I think it was all the volume mousse I used to put in my growing out disaster of a perm that exacerbated it. Anyway, here it is – as Frank Carson used to say “It’s a cracker!”. And check out the boiler doing the high kick in pink metallic frock. Classy!

I think I liked it as my first proper boyfriend “Daaaaave” not Dave, Daaaaaaave looked like Nick Heyward.

Oh the shame.

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  1. SEAN RECKLESS permalink

    So that’s where it all happened; those rockers coming into the shop were a bad influence.<br/>I think you have great taste in music Rockmother, just let your freak hang out, they dig it or they don’t.<br/>Where does it go from here?<br/>Is it down to the lake I fear?<br/>Ay ah <br/>Then I call<br/>Ring (ring)<br/>La la love plus one.<br/>——————-<br/>Sean: "Are gettin’ up for this one?"<br/>Dance hall Queen: "Ehhh, turns to her mate, and says, "dance with the boy Mary will you, I’m sweatin’."<br/>:-) 😉

  2. Geoff permalink

    Me and my friend chose a new band each. Who would be the more successful?<br/><br/>He chose ABC with their cycling gear.<br/><br/>I chose Haircut 100 with their jumpers.<br/><br/>I think I lost.

  3. Arabella permalink

    The jumpers always worried me: how did they tuck all that oiled nordic wool down their trousers and didn’t it itch?

  4. Behind Blue Eyes permalink

    Ah! The eighties. I appreciete them much more now that I am not living through them.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Seanster of the Lowlands – Ha ha – thank you. Yes – Lemmy came in once wearing the most despicably trashed white cowboy boots and tight black jeans. He had a sold silver keyring hanging from his belt – a solid ace of spades. For the first and last time ever in my life I was speechless. I wanted to ask him if I could have it but instead I just mumbled ??1.22 please and watched him leave with a Ski yoghurt and a mini pork pie. Those were the days. <br/><br/>Geoffster – I thought Nick Heyward did rather well (not unlike ‘oh wouldn’t it be nice’ Nik Kershaw at songwriting for other bands in the 80’s/90’s. ABC were a GREAT band.<br/><br/>Arabellakins – I know – how did they tuck so much into their waistbands and prance around like that? What on earth possessed them? My best friend Seb copied them – I’ve got some photo’s somewhere with major tucking in somewhere. He lives in Australia now so he’ll never find out. I shall post them up soon.<br/><br/>BBE – yes – I agree – I thought the 80’s were crap for years until I realised that I know all the words to all the songs! (and secretly like most of them)..;-)

  6. rockmother permalink

    Arabella – ugh – I said somewhere twice. So sorry. I’ve been doing that today a lot. I wrote really three times in the same sentence in an e mail earlier and didn’t realise until I had sent it. What an idiot am I. I can’t help it today – it’s ladies hormones. Gaagh.

  7. SEAN RECKLESS permalink

    please delete or moderate as you wish;-)<br/>#Your 2nd. email<br/>I’m sending you my email add. so I/you can query beyond the comments box- if you wish to?<br/> <br/>—————<br/>#Personally, I’m really bored of all the talk of recession – it feels as thought we are all being beaten and shamed into it. I’m continuing a positive outlook – I am already nearly out of Northern Rock not too scathed apart from one month of mortgage going up by ??500! Once I get out of it for good with no fees in two weeks I can also pay off my hideous Eggcupcard bill! I have had a whole afternoon by myself listening to Steely Dan – I wish they would play Steely Dan in supermarkets – everyone would be so much happier.<br/>——————<br/>Singing:::: Attention all shoppers <br/>It’s Cancellation Day <br/>Yes the Big Adios <br/>Is just a few hours away <br/><br/>It’s last call <br/>To do your shopping <br/>At the Last Mall <br/><br/>You’ll need the tools for survival <br/>And the medicine for the blues <br/>Sweet treats and surprises <br/>For the little buckaroos <br/><br/>It’s last call <br/>To do your shopping <br/>At the Last Mall <br/><br/>We’ve got a sweetheart Sunset Special <br/>On all of the standard stuff <br/>’Cause in the morning –that gospel morning <br/>You’ll have to do for yourself when the going gets tough <br/><br/>Roll your cart back up the aisle <br/>Kiss the checkout girls goodbye <br/>Ride the ramp to the freeway <br/>Beneath the blood orange sky <br/><br/>It’s last call <br/>To do your shopping <br/>At the Last Mall

  8. rockmother permalink

    Seanster – Oh – I sent that comment days ago! Is that your reply? Sorry – I am struggling not to be extraordinarily thick today. I think I may have to go and bang my head against a brick wall. Oh no I can’t – I’ve done that and it isn’t working. I see no need for moderation.

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