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A Song For Super Tuesday

February 6, 2008

Gil-Scott Heron – genius and political commentator of modern time.

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    GSH – takes me back to the first Pheonix fezzie @ Stratford upon Avon and also the Artists Against Apartheid gig @ Clapham Common 20 years ago (Boy George got bottled off!) where we saw him, superb both times. Heron was always a good draw with the live crowd, and far superior to Haircut 100.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Isterness – Yes – I remember Boy George being bottled off – I was there! In fact, I got steamed that day – lost everything and almost my life as I stupidly tackled the steamers who took it upon themselves to pick me up off the ground and throw me across the crowd. They were never caught and I got my bag back eventually with nothing in it of course. I was so happy though as the bag was a vintage 40’s number sent all the way from the US from my Dad who was living there at the time. That was all that mattered really and the fact I didn’t injure anyone on my inadvertant foray into trying to fly!

  3. SEAN RECKLESS permalink

    ?????? black and Irish, same thing- ask Gils Dad.<br/>The ???Common Sense Party???- that???s what I???m talking about.<br/>???We walked on the moon, you be polite.???<br/>God damn it, they call it Democracy- government of the people, by the people, for the people. Then they create an elite – the rich elite – on one side, where money buys everything, and the poor – with very little to buy anything – on the other. <br/>Cool!<br/>But, he could do with a good hair cut;-)

  4. FirstNations permalink

    politics aside for the moment, that was good!<br/><br/>yes, i have joined the 21st century and NOW I AM OFF TO LISTEN TO YOUR PODCASTS AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIA!

  5. FirstNations permalink

    ….NO I’M NOT! cuz i can’t find them.<br/>*pulls paper bag over head*<br/><br/>are they still out there? gimme a dingle:<br/><br/>redace196o AT gmail DOT com<br/><br/>…thats not a O thats a baby letter ‘o’.<br/>HALP

  6. savannah permalink

    sweet! tis the day after now and i’m wondering what will happen BUT, seeing gil again was delish, sugar! thank you 😉

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