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Mix Wit Rockmother

April 11, 2008

Here you go – I’m not one for bandwagons but I am currently experimenting with mixmaxmuxtape thingies – I’m still preferring podcasts my little choux buns! The Romo For Real 17 will be up soon – in the meantime you can always trawl my podcast archive LISTEN WITH ROCKMOTHER .
Recent raver reviews:
Bob Swipe “It’s better than horse”…..Istvanski “That Rockmother’s a slave to the rhythm she really is”….Batbitch “I would slip it in anytime”…..Reggie Parsons “Makes me want to crack open a bottle of something special and inhale deeply”……Dick Headley “Yet again no Barry Manilow Special but we live in hope”…..

You will have to listen to this for now – or fast forward or click to next blog or something.


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  1. Planet Mondo permalink

    Your rocking ROMOs have picked up a shout <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>here</a> too.<br/><br/>Watch out for one of these cassette pet comps from me this coming Monday called ‘Purple Nasties’ <br/><br/><i>Jet Boy Jet Girl – top track (did you ever get the Magic Michael single – featuring all MGE period Damned apart from Vanian?)</i>

  2. Geoff permalink

    Very enjoyable, Romo.<br/><br/>This mixwiting’s fun and quick isn’t it? And it’s a bit random – I looked for The Associates and got The Association as a bonus.<br/><br/>I’ll probably end up doing more even though I said I’d never do it again.

  3. Istvanski permalink

    This sounds like a good mixtape – I shall have a concentrated listen later on.

  4. Reginald Parsons permalink

    Had a quick once through. I’ll blast it out while doing the saturday cleaning. <br/>Nice stuff.<br/>Look forward to ROMO 17

  5. rockmother permalink

    Mr Mondo Mania – oooh – great stuff! How exciting – thank you. Yes – I love Jet Boy Jet Girl and I love the Captain too. I need to investigate Magic Michael single – no I don’t have it.<br/><br/>Geoffster – good – glad you liked it Geoff. Yes – I have got a few of those random bonuses – I like that feature.<br/><br/>Ister – clean your ears first won’t you dear?<br/><br/>Reggie Darling – it is probably quite good cleaning music – I hope you like. Podcast 17 a bit delayed – but will be done shortly – hopefully withing the coming week..

  6. savannah permalink

    killer! especially ending with <i>i put a spell on you</i><br/><br/>isn’t making these tapes is too much fun, sugar! thanks xox

  7. momentary madness permalink

    Worked like a dream. I cleaned my house too.<br/>Rockmum, you’ve put a spell on me.

  8. Just to let you know that I left a comment here but it seems to have disappeared. I thought I did anyway. Oh well.

  9. I see now that the comment I thought I left was actually on the previous post. Everybody relax.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – bewitched bothered and very clean – how marvellous<br/><br/>Dickley – breathe dear breathe – here – have a cold flannel for your forehead and and a nice gin and tonic. Is that better now? x

  11. Istvanski permalink

    Would madam like to purchase a CD of <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>Vanian on acid</a>? Or perhaps this little beauty by <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>Les Punks</a>?

  12. rockmother permalink

    Isterness – ooh – Les Punks looks good x

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