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Stereo MC’s – On 33

July 24, 2008

What a bloody corker of a track this is. 1989. On 33. Stereo MC’s. One of my favourite bands ever. I always thought Rob looked a bit wispy and scary in a really stoned sort of way. He has very unhealthily sunken cheeks. This sort of music inspires me to another podcast. Sharpen your ears dears – there is one in the making….for now you will have to regress with this.

Just what is it that you want to do?
We wanna be free
We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time

I had a great time in my Stereo MC days – it’s all a bit hazy now – like really smoky and sweet-smelling – aaahhh those were the days.

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  1. behindblueeyes permalink

    Wow! That’s great! I’ll have to look for this at the bookstore, (that is if I ever have money again.) You know all kinds of great music that I never heard before though I assume we are roughly the same age. I guess it’s becasue you were living in London and I lived in a sh**hole back then. Hey, sorry I didn’t respond to a comment you made on my blog earlier. I thought it was shooting all of the comments into my e-mail and if I didn’t see any comments in my e-mail then I assumed no-one had commented. Oh well, not I know.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Hi BBE – lovely to have you over here and glad you liked the music. No worries about comments – I know what you mean! Hope you are well xx

  3. Momentary Madness permalink

    I was on the road in 89/90’s big time ‘a bit hazy’ to use your turn of phrase (bloody corker) I love it. Anyway!<br/>Yes, I kind of switched off or into surviving. I’m not familiar at all with Stereo MC’s – 33<br/>I’ll have to check them out.

  4. chazza permalink

    Romo hun. . .Thats what I love about you….a real blast from my past of forgotten tunes on your blogg.<br/><br/>I remember dancing, chilling out to this one loads of times on the dance floor after getting several or more drinks down first. . <br/><br/>Thanks hun. x x

  5. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – yay – check them out – you’ll love ’em. That haziness is a little disconcerting at times I find x<br/><br/>Chazza – drinks, dancing, excelletn tunes – what more could one want?! xx

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