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Allons Y Ma Petit Choux Buns

July 25, 2008

I’m off to France for 5 days to see my Dad. Behave children won’t you? I shall bring back some tinned moules marinieres and some tight-fitting dayglo espadrilles for each and every one of you. I will have no internet access at all (OHMYGOD – how am I going to cope?) I will have no landline, no phone signal and apparently no gas. It is a little adventure. I have taken a tent in case ‘the barn’ which last time I heard didn’t have a roof still doesn’t have one…depeche toi…mais oui mais oui…..une baguette sil vous plait….le singe est dans l’arbre…Yvette est dans le salle a manger…zut alors! My French is astounding.

Here is the worst song ever about going to France:

And here is one of the best French songs ever:

Adieu mon dieu les enfants. Mwah…mwah….mwah. xx

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  1. Geoff permalink

    Avez un bon’un, Romo.

  2. Planet Mondo permalink

    What no J J Burnell?<br/><br/>A few of my favourite French tunes<br/><br/>Serge – Melody Nelson<br/><br/>Brigitte Bardot – Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas and St Tropez<br/><i>which you can grab <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>here</a></i><br/><br/>And the mighty Beat Bespoke comps<br/><br/>How about a French or Euro themed ROMO?

  3. Roman Empress permalink

    Voulez Vous aha, have a sizzler. A bientot.

  4. Betty permalink

    Tara a bit.<br/><br/>(They say that in Cannock. I thought everyone else would write stuff in French.)<br/><br/>I really fancied Bill Wyman when he did Je Suis Un Rock Star on TOTP.<br/><br/>There. I’ve said it now. I was 17 and when I think of it I feel SICK.

  5. Annie permalink

    Au revoir, cherie. <br/><br/>How are we going to manage without you? Have fun xxx

  6. savannah permalink

    so, i’ll see you when you get back, sugar, ok? ;-)<br/>xoxox

  7. chazza permalink

    Sounds an ideal get away from it all. .x x

  8. L??st Jimmy permalink

    I’m always late in getting my comment in….Bon voyage m??re

  9. Momentary Madness permalink

    Have a good time;-)

  10. Not as late as me Jacques Perdu. Amuses-toi rochemere.

  11. cyrano permalink

    I think you’ve a lovely pair of buns and not in the least petit.

  12. Momentary Madness permalink

    A very warm welcome back.

  13. savannah permalink

    are you back? xoxox how was the trip?

  14. oread the SSA permalink

    I don’t know why, but ever since I was a wee one sitting in french class in grade school, French pop has made me laugh soooo much. It just sounds bizarre, like Ukranian rap (which I have heard more of living in the pacific northwest than you’d expect), or Mexican emo music (apparently they are waaaay into Morrissey), or those guys with "i would walk five hundred miles" song…? They’re all in the same bizarre little musical boat to me.<br/>I am such an uncultured swine.<br/>And I am just a wee bit jealous you get to trot off to France…here that’s like running up to Toronto or Quebec, no big really, but France! Dang. Lucky.

  15. devolutionary permalink

    Tinned moules? Ou? Ou?

  16. Regina permalink

    Thanks for writing this.

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