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I’m All For Democracy But….

October 15, 2008

these freakoids need to be put down for their own good:

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  1. Pearl permalink

    Makes me sick.<br/>Pearl

  2. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Democracy’s a nice idea but it’ll never work because any electorate is comprised of an awful lot of very stupid people. Like the lady in the video. <br/><br/>Pity, really. It’s a nice concept.<br/><br/>One thing we can thank the democratic process for however, is the Porn-Palin. <i>Who’s Nailin’ Paylin</i> (sic) is currently in production. The script’s here if you want a look:<br/>

  3. Planet Mondo permalink

    Sarah Palin is like the Britney of US politics – she’s a car crash waiting to happen

  4. Momentary Madness permalink

    They’re as thick as SHITE.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Pearl – oh helloo – welcome to Romo Towers – yep – makes me sick too!<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Trooserster – oh yes – don’t tell me – she is a librarian and takes a bit more then her glasses of – pharr phnarr!<br/><br/>Mondo Bongo – well – let’s hope she stays bang on the collision course..<br/><br/>Momo Madster – yep – do you think it is because they are evidently inbred? Eyes very close together, lolloping gait – that sort of thing?

  6. Howesy permalink

    I agree with Jimmy’s Troos, give the twats a vote and look what happens. It all seems an odd way of deciding who holds the power in the world’s most powerful nation.<br/>And what the f##k is all that "he’s a terrorist because of his name" shit? Free speech is one thing, maybe they just shouln’t be allowed to think…

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