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A Very Modern President

November 7, 2008

See the entire set of Chez Obama’s Election Night on Flickr – great photo’s. It may be a bit slow and actually crashed while I was looking due to phenomenal traffic I am sure but they are a fantastic set of photo’s if you can stand the wait. I am still slightly reeling and over-emotional about what Barack Obama has achieved this week and how it has touched the world. The night before I found myself (uncommonly for me as a total non-believer) praying to god, allah, vashti, buddha, fire, water, any force anywhere that could hear me please please please could Obama do it. I have never forgotten seeing Martin Luther King’s incredibly and unknowingly prophetic speech on a tv documentary as a 12 year old and experiencing real emotion from a speech for the very first time – and every time thereafter when I heard it. It really does reduce me to watery rubble every time. The day before I re-visited that speech on youtube – it really is very special and particularly inspiring and prescient considering the events of this week. In stark contrast, I was struck how dishevelled and Ceaucescu-like Bush looked (in a cheap crumpled-suit morally broken sort of way) when he gave his not particularly interesting congrat speech. I was also struck how shockingly inept Palin was when in a radio interview only yesterday she had the stupidity to announce that she thought they (big fat white bible-eating middle Americans) lost because she had been portrayed so badly by the media. Madam? Did we have a choice? Is Africa a continent or country? Get to the back of the class. (As you clearly have none).

I wish we had a Barack I really do.

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  1. Piley permalink

    we got a Gordon Brown tho RM, that’s almost as good eh?! 😉

  2. Annie permalink

    Me too. Where’s our Obama?<br/><br/>I had a dream about him this morning, just before the alarm went off. We were waiting on a platform for a DLR, having a nice chat about books. He was very charming, but he looked sad. <br/><br/>This is a first, I’ve never had a dream about a politician before. He seems like a good man (unlike T.Blair, who always came across as a snake oil salesman), I hope he stays that way.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Piley – um…I wish I could agree with you but thinking about it – Brown is a money man not a social issues man – perhaps the combination of Brown and Obama will be a winner. I hope so.<br/><br/>Annie – I have another post brewing about why we don’t have our very own Obama but Trevor Phillips beat me to it on the bbc website this morning:<br/><br/>I am glad you had such a nice chat.

  4. Momentary Madness permalink

    Yrs, she has no class or no soul as (I like to say)she answers to only to a middle class ideal of how life is and how it should be.<br/>I see her as one of those "get a job" "bell ringers" … work hard and everything will come to you, I don’t think.<br/>Yes, thank whoever she didn’t get to ride in on the back of a stupid foolish move by McCain to give (some) Americans a woman after Clinton’s failure, it definitely was a cheap trick. I felt sick when I first heard, and McCain on that alone deserved to be defeated. But yes, let us not forget the massive defeat of Bush, which is what it is really all about. The Republicans have lost their clout too in congress. <br/>I hope he suffers a massive depression, and drifts back into drink and drugs- his old ways.<br/>I think I would have dived down and never come back up again had McCain been elected; really I just couldn???t have taken it.<br/>All the best to you Mum.

  5. cyrano permalink

    We know where the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stands. I said he was a raciest fascist pig; now we know: his remark about Obama???s suntan.<br/>F??????g bastard.

  6. Roman Empress permalink

    I read the MLK story to my (mainly black) Year 3 class once. I didn’t get to the end before getting over emotional, I can tell you.<br/><br/>Still, don’t hold your breath for a woman president, or more unlikely, a black woman president in our lifetime, folks.

  7. behindblueeyes permalink

    This election meant so much to me that I cried right along with Jesse Jackson when Obama gave his acceptance speech. This election represents more than just a defeat for the Republicans. It is a defeat for their mindset. Where only white, middle-class or upper-class people really matter. <br/><br/>Palin is an idiot. A soccer mom running the country? Scary! Have you ever listened to the you tube video of Sarah Palin being pranked by a Canadian radio station? If you haven’t, you should listen to it. It’s awesome!

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