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Podcast Alert! Romo For Real Number 20 is here

November 9, 2008

By jove! She’s done it. She’s really really done it!

Yes – I’ve got a brand new podcast number 20 ready and waiting on my new podcast site:
Pin Back Your Ears

I will also post it up later today on the archive site too.

Happy listening my little choux buns.

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  1. Annie permalink

    Hurrah! Ooh, podbean. Have you abandoned bitch-slut then?

  2. Geoff permalink

    I quite liked that version of Pinball Wizard. I’m sure the Tenacious D, McFly, Flaming Lips and Thunder versions were a lot worse.<br/><br/>Enjoyable set, Romo.

  3. Momentary Madness permalink

    I just got home and a listen to Neneh; there you are, they’re not all blonds.<br/>I drop back again when I can to listen and rate. <br/>I’ve had a mad couple of days altogether.<br/>Looking forward to it Romo.<br/>Thanks!

  4. rockmother permalink

    Annie – I haven’t abandoned bitchslut but bitchslut is such a slow slut of a bitch to upload to I will still use it as an archive but my primary interface for the podcasts (oooh – I’ve gone all techspeak!) will now be podbean as it is far more user friendly and easier to use.<br/><br/>Geoffster – glad you like it Geoff – I actually do like that version of Pinball Wizard although hearing through the laptop speakers at the time was quite screechy – better via the stereo<br/><br/>Momo Madster – hope it calms down for you soon Momo and glas you are looking forward to it

  5. Planet Mondo permalink

    Off to see The Stranglers tonight – so will download, ready to soothe my jangled nerves tomorrow

  6. realdoc permalink

    Excellent, that’s my morning listening sorted

  7. Annie Smokely permalink

    Why have you got a picture of Lucille Ball promoting RomeoFerReal Twenny?<br/><br/>Anyhoo, ta for the mention. Will try and pick you up a nice little Derringer for yer birthday, let’s face it, none of the gun crime here (or anywhere for that matter)is committed with legally obtained guns so it’s all a bit of a farce anyway (unless you’re from Colombia in which case it’s a bit of a FARC.) Time for some target practice…

  8. Planet Mondo permalink

    What a jamboree bag of goodies – bookended with a couple of funky nuggets. Have you checked <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>T Model Ford</a> (and his drummer spam) bit like a rougher version of Seasick Steve..<br/>Wasn’t Patricia Morrison – Sisters Of Mercy, The Damned bass player for the Gun Club.<br/><br/>Did you know there’s a new Damned album out next week November 17th

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