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Mitch Mitchell – the drummer’s drummer

November 14, 2008

I do hope Mitch Mitchell is having a lovely time wherever he may be. Poor old thing died this week – of natural causes which is quite an achievement in this day and age. Here is one of my favourite Hendrix performances showing Mitch in fine form – he was the master of time change. What a bloody great drummer he was.

Night night Mitch. See you around.

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  1. Wavy "I remember them well" Gravy permalink

    Yeah, wondered if you’d comment on this. Whole-heartedly agree with you and he used the left hand "orthodox" grip of the very best drummers. (Stewart Copeland uses that grip too). When I was 15 my mates band used to play Little Wing. I had to play the drum part coz their drummer couldn’t get it right.

  2. behindblueeyes permalink

    That Jimmy Hendrix was a good looking sucker wasn’t he? I love those space boots too!

  3. Cooper Green permalink

    Good god, I thought you said Mitch Miller. Had no idea he drummed. Especially with Hendrix.

  4. Betty permalink

    All of the Hendrix Experience now no longer with us 😦 As Jimmy Saville would’ve said, there must be some good music oop in heaven, as it so happens.

  5. tony permalink

    yea, he was were the band.Gone To The Great-Hairdresser-In-The-Sky………..

  6. Pearl permalink

    They’re all gone now, aren’t they?<br/><br/>He could really play and obviously had been taught how to play (witnes the grip) as opposed to picking it up in the streets. <br/>:-)<br/><br/>A versatile drummer whose gone on to the Jam in the Sky…<br/><br/>Pearl

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    Yes indeed, another one bites the dust.<br/>Although Don Alias was my favourite drummer, Mitch was definitely the kit NO.1 man

  8. Yikes another one. They’re dropping like flies. I’ll have a listen to the podcast when I get sorted.

  9. Robert Swipe permalink

    Wotcher kidder,<br/><br/>I tried that link of yours to your new podster caster, but to no avail – is it working now? <br/><br/>Incidentally, I have posted one up meself with a cookery theme – hope you don’t mind me sharing your Huge Firmly-Whitlessstein recipe for stuffed cabbage…?<br/><br/>;<br/><br/>Yes, Twickers sometime soon would be triffic – let me know how you’re fixed…<br/><br/>xxx<br/>Bobsters

  10. rockmother permalink

    Wavy Davy Gravy – yes – Stewart Copeland – another brilliant drummer along with Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaota, Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl…there are more I am sure – well done you for playing that bit!<br/><br/>Miss BBE – Yes – I sometimes wisg I had been born a decade earlier<br/><br/>Cooperman – wow – I thought you wrote Max Miller! Perhaps he is strutting around in the great sky with the best of them including Mitch doing the drum bit.<br/><br/>Betty – as it happens Bettster -I am sure for once (only) Jimmy Savlon is right!<br/><br/>Tony – yep – I had no idea he was so young when he was in the band – he was only 61 when he died.<br/><br/>Pearl – yep – he was one of the last great ones left – a shame as I don’t think he was appreciated as much as he should have been.<br/><br/>Momo – I have to go and check out Don Alias now<br/><br/>Dickley – Glad you go back ok – keep up! <br/><br/>Bobster of Swiper – doh – my fault – link fixed now!! Of course I don’t mind – my Huge Felchly Whippingstall’s stuffed cabbage was delicious by the way. Am still one of the burgeoning droves of creative unemployed so I am free quite a lot at mo!! xx

  11. realdoc permalink

    With their lifestyles being so healthy and all it is surprising that all these 60s rock stars die so relatively young.*<br/><br/>*split infinitive alert

  12. rockmother permalink

    Realdoc – grammar not being my strongest point at school due to terrifying English teacher – Miss Scrivener (I know – amazing isn’t it?!) I will take your word for it.

  13. savannah permalink

    i’d listen to some music if the system was set up…and the desktop was hooked up to the jbl speakers…*i’m lame, i know* xoxox

  14. nearlyworks permalink

    Ban the mosh pit! Bring back seated gigs with stern looking police and the art of seated dancing. It rock!

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