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I Am Alive – Watch This

December 4, 2008

I am alive – just been horribly busy finishing off the ‘best music show on tv’ (according to a journalist from The Guardian and The Telegraph today – Pick of the Day if you must know). First airing of the second series of From the Basement starts TONIGHT at 22:00!! Set those topboxes to record. If you are in the UK please tune in to Sky Arts tonight and even if you haven’t got Sky you can receive Sky Arts on Virgin cable too I believe – how good is that?

Sky Arts 1 – channel 256
Sky Arts 2 – channel 257
Sky Arts HD – channel 258

Also on Virgin Media:
Sky Arts 1 – on channel 284 and Sky Arts 2 – on channel 285

If you are in the US then I am afraid you have to wait until January to watch it all on IFC. And if you haven’t got a telly you can check out our fab new Youtube channel here.

Here are the times and the running order:
3 Dec Gnarls Barkley, Sparks, The Kills

10 Dec My Morning Jacket, The Fall, White Denim

17 Dec Iggy and The Stooges, CSS and Shortwave Set

24 Dec Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Fleet Foxes
31 Dec The Raconteurs, Seasick Steve, Band of Horses

7 Jan Queens of the Stone Age, Terry Callier and Mercury Rev

More championing wifflings from Sky Arts here and my lovely and clever friend Mof here

Here’s a picture of me looking tired and saggy and Iggy looking away from my chest/charmingly bored!



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  1. oyebilly permalink

    Damn it I wish I had cable…

  2. Momentary Madness permalink

    Great news!<br/>I have cable but my payment is fixed. I have to go private to add on and it gets messy, so<br/>I just added YouTube to my favorites. I???ll have a deck tomorrow.<br/>I know the feeling when you???ve finished a bit of work that???s appreciated.<br/>Niceeeee!<br/>Great photo, in the moment.

  3. Geoff permalink

    Have set the Sky Plus for tomorrow morning.<br/><br/>Good ol’ Rupert!

  4. Piley permalink

    recording AND watching it as it happens! hows that then?! Looking forward to seeing the Sparks set, and Iggy and White Denim too..<br/><br/>How cool’s havin ya pic taken with Iggy then??! <br/><br/>P

  5. rockmother permalink

    Billster – don’t worry – I can get you a dvd<br/><br/>Momo Madster – our youtube channel currently has some of Series One but we are adding like mad each day. Funny photo you mean – we were talking about the roots of Michigan music at the time I think. I was knackered and really cross as we had loads of gatecrashers from Sparks roadcrew that crowded out the studio which really pissed me off as we don’t have an ‘audience’ as a rule. And people kept coming up and asking for photos and autographs which they had been specifically asked not to do. Oh well. I was upset for three days afterwards. It had taken so long to get to that point all for it to be pissed on by wankers. Of course – that was all behind the scenes – the show looks great! We cut out the liggers!!<br/><br/>Geoff – cool – hope you like it<br/><br/>Piley – yes – Sparks were great – I was so excited when they said yes – like your childhood dream come true. I still felt that stab of fright when I met Ron Mael – something about his smile is terrifying although he is the nicest man you will ever meet – lovely. Mind you – I felt excited about a lot of the acts on this series as a few I asked that I didn’t expect would say yes and then did which was brilliant! Re: Iggy picture – I didn’t know anyone had taken a picture although I would have preferred to look slightly more appealing in it and for Iggy to look less bored! He was utterly charming and a pleasure to talk to.

  6. Roman Empress permalink

    Aw, you look lovely in the pic. But looking away from your chest? No excuse for that Iggers.

  7. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Cool photo, RM. If it helps, I looked at your chest. It’s ok, it’s ok – no need to thank me. I do what I can.

  8. savannah permalink

    the show will be on here in january? i’ll check it out then, but off to youtube now!!! xoxoxo

  9. Planet Mondo permalink

    How can I get it Romo? I’ve got a Freeview box and an oldish satellite box – but no subs to any pay channels – what’s Freesat – I’m sure I’ve seen your channel mentioned in the promo for it.<br/><br/>PS <i>Perhaps he’s just being a gent and Mr discreet </i>

  10. Annie permalink

    Get you with Iggy! Too cool!

  11. Well done rockmum! Something to look forward to.

  12. Piley permalink

    LOVED the show by the way… like Jools Holland only COOL!!<br/><br/>Funny, the bit i really like is the intimate few moments before and after the songs, like we have acidently barged in on a rehearsal. <br/><br/>Cant wait for the White Denim stuff!<br/><br/>P

  13. rockmother permalink

    Roman Empress Lady – why thank you! <br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Troosterster – Oh why Mr Rigsby! (looks away all bashful like) ;-)<br/><br/>Savmarshamama – I hope you like it. It’s on IFC in Jan – I’ll try and get tx dates for you<br/><br/>Planet Mondo Bongomania – quite poss on Freesat (er what’s that?!). I’ve got Virgin cable and I can now automatically get Sky Arts HD for some reason OR I can send you a dvd – series one dvd with extra’s at all good retailers now<br/><br/>Annie – I know – I had insomnia for three days afterwards due to the adrenalin surging through my system!<br/><br/>Dickley – Cheers me dear<br/><br/>Piley – GREAT! Thank you so much – it is brilliant to get such nice feedback. We are way cooler than Jools and it is better shot for a start! They are a bit rattled by us I think as they keep slapping exclusives on acts that we book which means we can’t transmit until they have gone out first which REALLY PISSES ME OFF! But it is also a compliment too I suppose. I hope you like the rest of the series.

  14. rockmother permalink

    PS: Piley – I fought tooth and nail for three months to get White Denim on the show as no one else knew who they were – it was their first tv performance EVER and I am so proud – even though I say so myself – they are BRILLIANT!

  15. Momentary Madness permalink

    PS: You’re a star Mum.

  16. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – oh poo you made me feel all weepy saying that. My real name means ‘of the stars’. My mum bought a star in my name somewhere in the universe a few years back. Turn left at Saturn and glide for a few light years – first on the left and down a bit – quite small and slow moving x .

  17. Paul Murphy permalink

    I love the picture. It made me go all weak at the knees. Great show too! P x

  18. Robert Swipe permalink

    You jest Roster – you’re looking in *fine* fettle!!<br/><br/>The Igster’s looking a bit ropey though, don’t you think? He has got a smashing pair of knockers though, hasn’t he? <br/><br/>;/<br/><br/>Glad to hear you’ve been gainfully employed.<br/><br/>xxx<br/>Bob

  19. rockmother permalink

    Paulie – ha ha – don’t be silly! I’m so cross I forgot to suck my tummy in! But I didn’t know my picture was being taken.<br/><br/>Bobster – Son of Romo just looked at the photo and went uuuuuuggghhh who is that horrible man from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? He’s got a really melty elbow. Thank you for your compliments – I am now very ungainfully unemployed now it’s on air! XX

  20. Robert Swipe permalink

    That’s a great spot from Ro-Minor. I always get the three confused: Igster, bloke from Chitty Chitty BB and Melvyn Hayes. It’s *definitely* Melv on the cover of Lust for Life, but after that, it all gets very confusing…<br/><br/>Well done everyone!<br/><br/>xxx<br/>Bob

  21. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Bobber of Swipeston xx

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