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The Lady Doth Protest

January 5, 2009

Contrary to the police and media reports – there was no flag burning or bad behaviour – just thousands of people that want the same thing – peace and an end to the inhumane and illegal atrocities that are happening right now in Gaza. It was an amazing sight to see an endless river of people of all ages and colours filling up Whitehall and Trafalgar Square. Everyone was peaceful and united with one aim in mind. Do what you can – no matter how small. We might be in a recession in UK but goodness – we don’t know how lucky we are.

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  1. Momentary Madness permalink

    I???m sick to the core about international injustice (the lack of it) and how one vote/country can veto what is the right thing to do.<br/>Surely democracy should have a voice at the UN?<br/><br/>Israeli fascism has always turned me off big time. It makes me so profoundly sad (the prisoners have taken over the concentration camp)<br/>I think the average Jewish person is sickened by it too.<br/><br/>American support for – what is obviously terrorism on a grand scale – the bombardment/invasion is simply deplorable. <br/>I notice Obama is keeping tight-lipped about it all which is I guess diplomatically the right thing to do, but when the/his time comes I don???t think he will come out straight and criticize Israel. Maybe he???ll show a slight sympathy towards the Palestinians (diplomacy again) when he makes he acceptance speech.<br/><br/>Keep on rockin’ Mum.

  2. tony permalink

    Yes, As Usual ,The Media didnt inspire with its reporting of this…….The whole Middle East Is A Mess &amp; getting worse.But,Yes, Its Important to make a Stand.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – I live to fight injustice no matter how small my contribution may be. Perhaps I missed my vocation and should have gone into law? Obama is in lockdown mode I guess until Jan 21. I sincerely hope he condemns the current situation and becomes the mediator. Someone needs to have a word with Hosni Mubarak too – the day he shut the Rifah Crossing sealed the death warrant that the Israeli’s are acting out. I search myself to try and comprehend how terrifying and unjust the whole situation is for the inhabitants of Gaza. I see Sarkozy has just come out and said that Hamas have only themselves to blame. Incredible.<br/><br/>Tony – yes – I think it is important to make a stand. I can not believe how slow the media and govt here have been to react. They are only sending envoys now – now the Israeli’s are actually taking Gaza. Were they all standing around going "No, no – you go first. I’ll go if you say you are going"…meanwhile another few hundred innocent lives are lost in one of the biggest and most insulting breaches of human right in political history.

  4. llewtrah permalink

    Unfortunately I wasn’t around to march on that weekend (what, a defence worker on Stop the War Marches?).<br/><br/>I am getting fed up with Israeli actions. When I went to Israel it was the only place in the region where I really didn’t like the people and attitudes. I hopped over the border to Jordan as soon as I could – much friendlier.

  5. Robert Swipe permalink

    Everyone’s going on about the murder of innocent women and children and how monstrous it is Israel using the last days of the Bush presidency for one last genocidal surge at solving the Palestinian ‘problem’ – but has anyone spared a thought for Sheryl and the kids?<br/><br/>;?<br/><br/>xxx<br/>Bob<br/><br/><a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>FREE ROBERT SWIPE!!!!</a>

  6. Agree with mm and tony. Amazing how little attention that march got. It’s as if the media’s been sedated.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: hi hun hope alz well at your end. . .so so true. I strongly believe liberty, food on the table, health, bills paid and live with in my means (out of debt. . ) very blessed. . .x x x

  8. rockmother permalink

    Llewtrah – hhmm yes – a defence worker on a Stop the War march might need a bit of explaining I guess. Most of the Israeli’s I have ever met have been really nice and a bit over-excitable for some reason<br/><br/>Bobberster – I know! Actually I have been genuinely mis-reading headlines all week and have had a few head scratching moments<br/><br/>Dickley – I agree – it is as if every one is stalling on the hottest jacket potato of the year<br/><br/>Chazza – lucky you – no debts? Is multicoloured swapshop still going?

  9. savannah permalink

    i keep trying to keep my eye on the prize, sugar, but i swear, it’s getting more and more difficult… xoxo

  10. Anonymous permalink

    chazza: loma..No idea Sweetheart. . Though you can get your fix of Noel. . Deal or no deal. ,(looks good for his age. . .). Though there are ‘clothes swapping parties’. . .great fun x x

  11. Annie permalink

    Well done for going. I did think about staging my own protest in my small north Wales village but decided against it in the end.<br/><br/>What is this "Sheryl and the kids" thing? I don’t get it and I feel like I should.

  12. rockmother permalink

    Savmarshmamama – you are the prize Mama – hope you are feeling a bit better about everything – all love and big hug xx<br/><br/>Chazza – no! I meant do a swap seeing as you have no debt (and I do!) ;-)<br/><br/>Annie – hurray you are alive – I was about to send out an intercybersearch party. I feel very very strongly about the Gaza crisis so much so I have been getting embroiled in some hot political debates over at Bock’s in the week. Gaza vs Gazza – there was a ‘ridic’ programme on Gazza and his selfish destruction a week or so ago – quite frankly I wish he would just hurry up and die or shut up and get better without damaging those around him anymore than he has already done.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    chazza:0h hun. . .got yeah. I wish i could. . .15 year ago. . Different story serious debt. (due to accident. . .) big lesson learned<br/><br/>Now. . .never ever again. X x x

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