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Barometer a la Pete Tong

January 23, 2009

(Out of respect I felt I had to leave Ron up for a decent amount of time – at least until the funeral had passed – which it now has). And so….

Each quarter I receive an e mail from a property auctioneer. I must have subscribed ages ago in a fit of pre-bust property nosiness. Anyway – this latest list I thought was a rather interesting and sombre barometric reminder of what is going on out there.

Our February sale once again contains a range of commercial investment properties located throughout the UK, including :-
An unbroken modern City centre parade in Bradford part let to the local authority, Starbucks & J D Wetherspoon
8 Bank investments let to either HSBC Bank Plc, Nationwide, Barclays or Nationwide.
5 well let supermarket investments trading as Iceland

10 public house investments with surety from Punch Taverns
A well located Department Store Investment let to Debenhams in Kings Lynn
A restaurant investment let to Café Rouge in Ruislip
Other investments let to Superdrug, Co-op, Clinton Cards, William Hill and BSM


Evidently it’s all going a bit ‘Pete Tong’….

Personally I would rather buy the Withnail cottage (if I had any spare cash – which I don’t!):


A snip apparently at £145,000 GBP. More details here.

Still depressed? Listen to my podcasts – bound to cheer you up (no I haven’t done a new one yet but am working on it!)

Ta ta. xx

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  1. Gerry permalink

    What if Monty turns up in the dead of night?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    chazza: Glad to see no Woolworths stores on the list. . .a real loss to many of our childhoods memories (mine at any rate. . .) saved up pocket money for latest chart hit singles and albums. . Sad. . Sad day. . .first sesame street, Grange Hill. . .now Woollies. Boo hoo. . .lol x x x

  3. Planet Mondo permalink

    Haven’t seen Withnail (yet), and guess who’s working on his first podcast? Me! Even got a couple of sleb guests lined up too

  4. Billy permalink

    Is there a more dispiriting thing than a Cafe Rouge in Ruislip? Well… apart from a Wetherspoon in Bradford.<br/><br/>I saw the Withnail house was for sale: "We’ve come on holiday by mistake!"

  5. Geoff permalink

    Steer clear of anything containing the word "Iceland"!

  6. Betty permalink

    I’m going to buy all the former Clinton Cards shops for my exciting, top secret new business venture.<br/><br/>We may be in a recession, but I’m bucking the trend. 2009 is going to be MY YEAR.

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    I vaguely remember Withnail and I and I can???t get together what caught me about the story- it???ll come to me I guess after I???ve made this comment; the story of my life. <br/><br/>The farm house – two miles from the nearest public road – not for me. Edward Holt, said: "Sleddale Hall is in one of the quietest parts of the Lake District. I like it quite but I like divine decadence at my finger tips when I feel the urge. (I need a crown of people, but I can???t face them day to day) he said: "I hope it is bought by someone who can restore it. It would make a lovely family home." <br/>Jesus, for who Hector the hermit? (nobody knows who he is- because he???s a hermit)<br/><br/>I off to listen to your pod cast, your voice full volume -160 watts per – up against my ears- what a buzz.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Gerry – you have to draw your knees up to your chin and shout "Monty! You cunt!"<br/><br/>Chazza – I know – there will be nothing left soon<br/><br/>Mr Mondo Bongo – WHAT? You must watch it immediately! Hurray – looking forward to mondocast greatly! (Saves me from doing one) x<br/><br/>Billster – I know – bagsy the unbroken shopping parade (as opposed to a broken one I guess – whatever that may be?)<br/><br/>Geoffster – I never go anywhere near where Kerry and Nana Colleen have been but thanks for reminding me ;-)<br/><br/>Bettster – I bet Bill Clinton will be really sad to see his card shop chain go down (fnar fnar!)<br/><br/>Momo Madster – yes – Withnail is a fine film and yes – I think I would go a bit mad too if I turned that cottage into a ‘family home’. Like all estate agents he is bad at selling or convincing anyone he is telling the truth and/or believes in what he is saying. Don’t listen too loud – you will go deaf. What? Exactly! x

  9. Col permalink

    I’d give anything for the Withnail cottage. To ‘do it up’ would be a crime. Mondo ought to be shot for not having seen W&amp;I. One of the most quotable movies of all times. <br/>Perfumed Ponce!

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