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Severe Bloggers Health Warning!

January 24, 2009

Yes – it’s that time of year again when I get all grumpy and have to transpose the numbers so people still think I am in my 30’s instead of my early 40’s! Getting old unglamourously and with great rudeness all round. No cake this year – just a roast and prosecco and lots of it! Perhaps I might one day end up looking like this which will be penance for being so badly behaved in earlier life!


I don’t think so!

Anyway, on a far more serious note: beware of blogging from bed (which I do quite a lot) as you may end up looking like this!


Stop it! Stop snacking on blogs! Get out of bed and stop it! No you can’t have any won ton soup!

Yes. I am DEFINATELY going to hell!

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  1. Bock the Robber permalink

    You can enter the Grab-a-Granny competition.

  2. Annie permalink

    Happy Birthday, dear RoMo! Unglamorous, pah, what nonsense. You can rock green eyeshadow and tight t-shirts like nobody else can. <br/><br/>I raise a glass of virtual prosecco to you, and hope to raise a real one soon xxx

  3. GreatSheElephant permalink

    Happy birthday!

  4. Betty permalink

    I tend to eat nuts when I’m blogging, which is a slippery slope. Even though I don’t blog in bed, I’ll probably end up looking exactly like that woman :(<br/><br/>Many happy returns.

  5. Geoff permalink

    Happy birthday, Romo. <br/><br/>I’m still worried about blogger’s nipple!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Chazz: Ha sweetheart. . .we do hope after Sainsburys. . .’yours’ had a surprise evening in store for when u got in. . . .at least champers, lashings of chocolate and strawberries to dip. Served just in a dicky bow . .HAPPY 21ST. . .All 0ur love from us to u and yrs. . .C and Isti x x x

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    Happy Birthday Mum, it just gets worse from here on in/out, don’t listen to the middle-class shit about life begins at 40.<br/><br/>Could hell be worse than this?<br/>I guess it could, but you’ll be in better company. Just imagine being in the company of that cow Mother Teresa . Ha, Teresa would not be – I guess – too enamored by a Mother Rock in the presence of the All Mighty;-) 😉 ;-)<br/><br/>Sure you have to be saying something. <br/>Have a great Birthday celebration.

  8. Spin permalink

    Happy Birthday Romo.<br/><br/>(I am blogging in bed while eating breakfast. I don’t look exactly like that lady though – my bedding is blue.)

  9. tony permalink

    Happy Birthday Mum!

  10. rockmother permalink

    Bockster from Bockworld – yes! GAG for short ;-)<br/><br/>Lovely Annie – Cheers love. Chin chin virtually and soon XX<br/><br/>Great She of the Highlands – Thank you! When are you coming doon South again? Soon I hope. x<br/><br/>Bettyster – no you won’t – you are elegancy itself – I’ve seen your picture of your artistic elegant hand when you broke your wrist remember! Thank you for returns x PS: what exactly are birthday returns? Sorry – I don’t like it, my birthday doesn’t fit can I return it? ;-)<br/><br/>Geoffster – as opposed to jogger’s arse?<br/><br/>Chazza – sorry – I failed dismally re: radio thing – got trapped in Sainsbury’s then got home and opened fizzy and forgot about everything! No, no surprises, no dicky bow – I cooked supper!! got a bunch of flowers though.<br/><br/>Momodarling – thank you dear – I could have a blog-off with Mother T! xx<br/><br/>Spintastic on the Wheels of Steel – ooh you lurker you! Blue bedding sounds much better although it shows up the crumbs more! The lady in the picture – her fingertips are blue – from too much blogging prob…xxx<br/><br/>Tony – why thank you sir – big up to Hebden Bridge and their leaky shower trays! x

  11. Piley permalink

    belated Happy Birthday RM!!<br/><br/>as i type I am slurping tea and munching HobNobs… gosh, I hope I don’t end up looking like the lady in the picture… not least coz i’m curently a fella… scary.<br/><br/>P

  12. Billy permalink

    Hurrah! Happy birthday!

  13. Col permalink

    GSK just launched a fat busters diet pill so I have no worries now…<br/><br/>Hope the birthday basherthon went well?

  14. Happy birthday and many more. You’re just a kid.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    chazza: oh sweetheart. . .no worries wth radio thing, teach Isti to organise himself better. . .i couldnt believe his cheek rushing u in sainsburys. . . .next bday deffo we will do something. . .even if i sort u out some eye candy gramme wth just a dicky bow. (wink. . Wink. )yeah. . .lv chaz. . .x x

  16. Anonymous permalink

    chazza:P.s. . Dont believe the cynics. . .Life does begin at 40. . .20’s is (unfortunately) learning. 30’s experienced. 40’s wouldnt do again. . .no way hozay. . .Roms u go girl. . .x x

  17. Istvanski permalink

    Belated Burfday wishes to you (again).<br/>Re – radio thang; I only found out about that show as I started to listen to it and thought you may like to hear it for yourself. No worries about not recording it as I totally forgot about the listen again feature – doh! Me disorganised? I think Chazza’s a bit too presumptious and she wants to start a row with me…<br/>Contain yourself Chazza, this is Rosters birthday celebrations!<br/>;-}<br/>Hope you had a good’un. x

  18. rockmother permalink

    Pilester – thank you – yes, walk away from those biscuits!<br/><br/>Billster – Hurray! Thank you!<br/><br/>Col – thanks – didn’t do that much but was nice all the same<br/><br/>Chazza – no worries – didn’t feel rushed at all! Ooer – no grammathings please – that would make me run away and hide! <br/><br/>Isterness – oh now enough of the radio thing already you two – Dr Ruth says STOP!! Yes – it’s my birthday and I can forget if I want to 😉 xx PS: did you listen to it on catchup thingy – I have even forgotten to do that until now – big doh!!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    chazza: jokin all the way sweetheart. . .lol. Ive arranged grammies. . .Id run too with you if faced by one. . .lol t.r.d.f. . .xx

  20. MsMarmitelover permalink

    Oh god that photo…you have read my mind, seen into my deepest fears…me too I’m a bed blogger. Me too, I am increasing in girth as a result, especially as I am also a cook.<br/>noooooooooooooooooooooo

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