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DHSS and all that

March 17, 2009

Yes – one in ten school-leavers are now unemployed. Perhaps this song needs to be re-released? Unfortunately it may lead to more UB40 songs being re-released which would not be good. I think this was the only song they did that was any good. An anthem for the Thatcher and now post-Blair generation.

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  1. Momentary Madness permalink

    I did like Red Red Wine, and their (J Cliff) Many Rivers to Cross, or perhaps it was that time in my life. Things get somewhat mixed together as time goes by.<br/>—————————————-<br/>God the lyrics, it???s all happening again because of the (business business business) get rich quick merchants: ???the good Samaritan stopped and gave assistance because he had the means to do so.???<br/>M. Tatcher???s (snow ball that has rolled since) answer to why banks/business need less regulation.<br/>Yes, wheel and deal; as long as you bring in loads of money.<br/><br/>People – are such bloody fools – never learn.

  2. Geoff permalink

    Signing Off is a classic album.<br/><br/>Red Red Wine makes me want to throw the radio out the window.<br/><br/>Remember The Bangles singing about UB40s? Strange.

  3. Annie permalink

    I liked Food for Thought too. <br/><br/>Still, New Labour has the answer for the school leavers – raise the leaving age to 18! That’ll fix those pesky statistics.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: ’em what can we say. In our day at that age it was wanting to be. . Nurses, Doctors, Solicitors, Accountants. Nursery Nurses, or Air hostesses (trolly dollies. .). <br/><br/>College for those who had no idea what. . . when leaving school and University for the brain boxes. . .<br/><br/>Today. . .im sure kids (or should i say young adults. . ) Im sure set out along the same ambitious paths, dont intend being unemployed. <br/><br/>But. . . .is the only word.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Chazza said:P.s. . Oh yes and the other young darlings (group) want nothing else but being. . A footballer (without the talent). Marry a Footballer (wag), or just being Famous (for doing nothing). <br/><br/>Unfortunately job centres have no openings for above. . Lol x x

  6. Furtheron permalink

    I feel for the kids of today… (God I sound like my bloody father!)<br/><br/>My son is very bright, he is at uni but God knows if he’ll get meaningful employment, and he’ll have massive debt etc. when he leaves. My daugther who is younger similarly… although she is saying uni is not for her, I think because she fancies staying at home as it’s cheap! and she doens’t like hard work… :-)<br/><br/>I’m "at risk of redundancy" (isn’t every one?), actually means if I don’t find myself a job in the compnay I’ll be booted out as my "role was eliminated" however they need me to "transition my responsibilities" and can’t understand the irony in those two things.

  7. Gerry permalink

    You’re obviously forgetting Cherry Oh Baby. Insightful.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – you are right there love x<br/><br/>Geoffster – UB40 remind me of Vic and Bob’s ‘pub singer’ turn<br/><br/>Annie – fudge fudge all the way! x<br/><br/>Chazza – most kids these days want to be a footballer or on Corrie – what happened?<br/><br/>Furtheron – welcome to Romo Towers – yes – student debt is terrible and should never have happened. It is hard hard hard and then the uncertainty of work over 40 is terrifying – I hope things stay stable for you in the ‘transition’ thingy<br/><br/>Gerry – in best my Manuel voice ‘Que"?

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